Waking Sleeping Bears – The Putin Presidency

Approaching the Den. Hibernating bears sleep well and deep. They are difficult to wake up. After all, who would like to wake up to see that one has lost some two third of ones body weight while it`s still freezing cold out there.

The German Newspaper “Die Zeit” recently used half of a page to depict a tiny teddy bear, symbolizing Russia. One Tiny Little Teddy on a big white page. Underneath the lost little teddy ?  A menu of more or less everything Russia had done wrong, and all that has gone awry.

That is, gone awry as perceived from the perspective of a NATO Imperialism that has grown so systemically criminal and aggressive, so arrogant, that the most prevalent world view of it`s political and military leadership perceives NATO and it`s member states as Sovereign World Police Force, Prosecutor, Judge, Jury and Executioner in Global Affairs.

One that has the implicit Sanction of a United Nation of Course; why else would one need secret separate contracts between NATO and the UN, signed 2008 and kept from public scrutiny as long as possible. In Euphemistic Language it is called NATO`s New Role. A Modern Organization that realizes it`s International Obligations.

The Bear of course was pretty sleepy when it signed the Partnership for Peace treaty with NATO. Well fed too or how else should one describe Yeltsin in not all too impolite terms. During the previous Putin Presidency it actually woke up for a while. Everybody had thought it was deeply a slumber already and even hyena dared to approach the bears den when Putin shocked “the international community” at the International Security Conference, also in 2008.

I will speak frankly, he said, because within this forum we don`t have to be restrained by diplomatic etiquette. He spoke so frankly, that German Chancellor Angie Merkel shed tears. Really, and not because she was laughing.

What was it with this Putin? How would he dare to challenge NATO supremacy, and there was nothing she was able to do about it but cry, how sad. Even worse, the man spoke the truth when he complained that many of those who criticized Russia and attempted to teach and preach  “democracy” did not have a very good track record them selves.

The NATO political and military leadership did what it could to secure that Russia would be ripe for the “push over” by Color Revolution as soon as possible, and men like Putin were the worst possible case scenario that needed to be prevented. At Any Cost!

What was needed for 2012 was one more Presidency Globalist or Yeltsin Style or one more Presidency Medvedjev Style, trying to appease the West rather than confronting those campers who were plundering the beehives around it`s den. Hives that it would need so badly after hibernation. It seems the bees however, and in particular one called Syria and the Arab Socialist Baath Party, sting harder than NATO military and political leadership expected. The continued shouting and shooting has most likely contributed to Putin`s election victory. It has also resulted in one angry bear that has been woken up from hibernation by the fuzz around it`s den.

He might be looking as if he was in a terrible shape – a petty sight – wet, skinny, drowsy – BUT in fact all the teddy has burned off during hibernation was the access fat that it needed for the slumber plus some of the hangover after Yeltsin. In fact, he is slender, agile, fast like a sprinter, strong like a lion, and, with all good reasons he is one big and angry bear.

You see, the winter was long. Having a KGB background he has probably been read well into the latest US Military´s Base Structure Reports, analyzed the the “Partnership for Peace” with NATO and observed that it has turned all it`s Caucasian Republics and Neighbor States into boot camps for Al Qaeda and other NATO assets like Chechnyan “freedom fighters“.

Chechnyan Freedom Fighters who have Asylum and their European Office and base of logistics and operations in Peace Loving Sweden. After all, Sweden is so Peace Loving that a priest who dared to criticize the fact was fired from his office. There was plenty of time to study the missile shield along the dens European borders.

And through the frozen snow he could hear the footsteps of the NATO troops who, in spite of all promises at the reunification of Germany were stationed in all former Warsaw Pact countries. It must have been quite annoying for a bear to hear all that locomotion around the den. He just needed some rest after the long Soviet Winter and a terrible hang over after the Yeltsin Party. Europe and the USA can rest assured that those issues will take center stage again with the Putin Presidency.

UN Fair – UN Just – UN Done. Russia has been heavily criticized for it`s vetoes to UNSC resolutions on Syria that would have opened the door for NATO to maintain it`s new “Global Responsibilities” in Syria – Libya Style.

After tens of thousands of Libyans have been liberated to death by NATO`s humanitarian bombing raids of infrastructure, densely populated residential areas in Tripoli, Bani Walid, Sirte; After NATO asset and “Freedom Fighter” Abdelhakim Belhadj, Commander of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is a NATO / CIA / MI6 / Qatar / Saudi financed, armed, and led army of convenience has massacred who knows how many thousands of black Libyans; the “International Community” at UN Head Quarters must of course criticize Russia.

The bear might even have smiled when Hilary Clinton et al. called Russia`s veto “disgusting“, and one may be suspicious that the bear may have been thinking that delusions of grandeur and aggressive behavior as well as unpredictable mood swings are not surprising after long term Cocaine abuse. Now people can do with their lives and synapses what they please to do.

The danger arises merely when the choice of what one does with ones own synapses and CNS influences the decisions of a Secretary of State or Presidents with launch codes to Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. I´d feel more safe in a world with Presidents who practice Judo rather than making a sport of powdering noses.

And in fact, the UN gives the impression of Bedlam – with the most criminal players at the Security Council having signed covert contracts that factually has elevated NATO as the enforcer of Global Imperialism. One can expect that the Putin Presidency will catapult NATO/UN/ICC Kangaroo Courts and the fact that NATO has developed into the global, UN-sanctioned prosecutor, police, judge, jury and executioner into the center of international attention again. Which is refreshing and very necessary if one wants to invest into hopes for international humanitarian principles, peace and justice rather than tyranny.

Social Justice – Civil Liberties. After the discontinuation of the USSR many of the rights and privileges that were taken for granted then have been utterly dismantled, and even in the former USSR there were serious social issues that needed to be addressed. For the benefit of the political development in Russia and of Russia Post-Putin, and to reduce the likelihood of successful NATO-backed Color Revolutions, Russia and the Putin Presidency would be wise to address and cope with the most pressing issues.

It does not take much to compete with the civil liberties of US or EU citizens after the Patriot Act, the National defense Authorization Act, and similar EU laws have undermined each and every of the tenets, checks and balances that safeguard the citizen against tyranny. For purely political purposes Russia could of course address those flaws of it`s democracy loving partners for peace.

The better long term strategy however, would be to critically analyze the laws and flaws that have practically ended democracy in NATO countries, while reforming the Russian legal system. The prison complex urgently needs reform.

Not that the one of the USA is any better, but that should not preclude that reforms are needed. Social welfare, the right to work, minimum wages, decent pensions, free health care should be guarantied, and without questioning weather Russia can afford it. With the right economic program it can, and for the sake of it`s internal stability it ought to.

Economy – The fact that Western Political leaders are acutely aware of the fact that initiatives like BRICS, ALBA, and like minded initiatives can threaten the course of disaster capitalism, and the nervous questions weather one should rather call it BICS than BRICS, suggesting Russia`s “weak economy“  is more a sign of disaster capitalisms nervousness about the Russian Potential than based in fact.

Russia has highly qualified scientists, engineers, a well educated population and resources. A Russia that would invest heavily in developing high tech infrastructure, in building high tech infrastructure nation wide, including the Caucasus and Siberia, is a Russia that can export other than oil and minerals. Russia needs to get on a fast track to developing these areas in Russia and together with neighboring countries, which could transfer it into a true powerhouse.

Arms alone, as sophisticated as they may be, nor the export of resources  will guaranty Russia`s status as Superpower. With a Unipolar World, dominated by a systemically criminal cartel in and around NATO, the world urgently needs a Russian Bear that stands on it`s hind legs and roars – Enough !


Dr. Christof Lehmann

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