Wag the Dog in Libya: Propaganda Lies

Tonight an artificial revolution is taking place in the hearts and minds of the corporatist media. The so-called “rebels” and “activists” in Libya are reportedly making their big move on Tripoli, yet the MSM, who claims to have several reporters on site in Tripoli, have thus far been unable to provide video evidence of this all out assault and the crushing reaction from the Libyan government. In fact, the Libyans say that Tripoli is quiet.

Various articles and videos coming out of the complicit media venues like MSNBC, CNN, and al Jazeera are using clearly staged scenes of a few “rebels” running around in the streets, some firing guns at no one, others firing a rocket in the air while his “warrior” buddy in a tee-shirt and clean shorts stuffs his fingers in his ears. One might imagine that he would be used to loud noises after all of his “revolutionary” fighting.

Silly reporters (who look like they feel silly) stand in front of a few prop trucks with a handful of “rebel fighters” doing “rebel fighter stuff” which amounts basically to standing around the trucks and pointing and waiting for the cue from the al Jazeera producer to burn the green flag just as the reporter “reports” that they are.  It’s broad daylight, the “fighters” are wearing loafers and slacks and the “reporter” is wearing a flack jacket and a combat helmet.

It’s ridiculous beyond words. The only thing that makes it newsworthy is the fact that this kind of moronic propaganda is going to pave the way for an all out “shock and awe” type attack on the people of Libya while the majority of Americans sit back and do nothing for fear of embarrassing their great Peace Prize president before his next election. Obama has been briefed apparently while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard off Cape Cod where he is relaxing with the super wealthy whom he has made more wealthy. If he needs to be briefed more in the night, his aides say he will be.

Thank god for that.

The button down fighters keep posing for al Jazeera videos, hopping up and down, wearing their trendy shades, no one has dirt on their clothes, no one has blood on their patent leather shoes. Go figure.

Nice haircuts, manicured nails… hell, even the children are such amazing warriors that they get into the act without even getting dirty.

And you want to talk about tough? How about warriors in sandals? Fucking sandals… and clean cuffed pants.

They don’t care about the quality of their bullshit anymore. People just aren’t paying attention anything is passable in the world of globalist propaganda these days.  Half of this country thinks Obama is a socialist and the other half thinks he’s a liberal. We are beyond stupid and traveling deep into the world of self deception. No one can watch this shit and think it’s real… people just don’t care so long as they have a passable excuse for not doing anything about it.

Obtained from willyloman

by Scott Creighton

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