VIDEO: US Military Prevent Latinos From Positions of Power


Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez was quoted earlier this year saying the military needs to stop the injustices that prevent Latinos from positions of power, claiming that in the last 75 years there have been only three Latino officers on active duty with three stars and just one with a four star.

The U.S. army says about 60-Thousand Hispanics fight in the military. And if Hispanics sign up for the military, after serving they are granted citizenship.

Cindy Reyes is a student and she tells us about her concerns.

But perhaps worst Sanchez says is when Hispanic soldiers serving in wars return home. Upon their return, they find that economic opportunities are few with no or limited benefits at sight. This injustice, according to many Hispanics, needs to he corrected.

The league of United Latin American Citizens says they agree with the lieutenant.

The US Army has said all positions are earned no matter what the race.


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