VIDEO: UK anti-war movement says no to war in Iran and Syria


The stop the war coalition was formed over the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. It peaked before the 2003 invasion of Iraq when over a million Britons marched against the war.

Today, the group faces new challenges, and new wars. As was clear at its annual conference.

The year of the Arab Spring has caused some contention for the movement. The conference kicked off with disagreement – and heated exchange – over Libya, with some thinking the coalition should have campaigned harder and stronger against the Nato bombardment of the country.

But what was unanimously agreed, was that despite any difference of opinion on domestic issues or leadership, stop the war coalition is against imperialist agenda and interference in any form in the middle east.

Old habits die hard, was one motto used. Afghanistan and Iraq had not taught enough lessons. And on the agenda was Syria and Iran. The coalition unanimously condemned the covert war taking place on Syria, by the U-S and its proxies. Many said the opposition movement there had been hijacked.

And the main focus of the coalition’s campaign is now Iran. Activists said that whatever they think of domestic policy in Iran it is a country that has become a serious threat to Western Imperialism – and that’s why the west isn’t really interested in a negotiated solution to the nuclear issue, but in regime change.

The U-S and its allies accuse Iran of building a nuclear weapon. A claim Iran denies.

Here, they believe the so-called war on terror continues over a decade on, and they want to continue to oppose it.

11 years ago it started with Afghanistan today they say another war is already being planned against Iran. They hope they can mobilize a campaign as big as Iraq that would get one million out on the street.


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