VIDEO: Protesters Call for Release of Activists in Egypt


Hundreds of protesters and revolutionary activists demonstrated outside the Cairo Criminal Court to call for the release of the activists summoned by the general prosecutor over their alleged involvement in the 6-day street war between police and protesters back in November which left over 70 protesters dead and thousands injured.

Protesters carried banners as they chanted anti-military slogans calling for an immediate end to military rule, the freedom of the detained activists, and purging of the Egyptian Judiciary from the remnants of the previous corrupt regime.

Also, many believe that the activists were detained by the SCAF because of their fiery direct statements against anti-revolutionary powers and the ruling military council over human rights violations they have committed during the past year following a popular revolt which led to the ouster of Mubarak.

Criticism has ramped up against the country’s ruling junta ahead of the 25 Jan anniversary as they’ve urged the people of Egypt to stand up for their basic rights and freedom on that day, and not to listen to any attempts by the military council to appease the outraged people.

Activists and revolutionary forces have vowed to take to the streets on the 25th of January to call for an immediate end to military rule and not to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution as many people deem the Egyptian revolution which led to the ouster of Mubarak is not yet over.


Karim Gamal el-Deen

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