Veterans Today: "US Deeply Involved in Overthrowing the Former Elected Gov't & Murdering of Civilians in Ukraine"


“US ‘up to its eyeballs’ in toppling Ukraine’s government”



The US government was deeply involved in overthrowing the former elected government in Ukraine as well as the murder of civilians by the current “illegitimate regime” in Kiev, a political commentator says.

Ukraine has been gripped by an ongoing crisis since early 2014 when former pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted after a series of violent events and replaced by the pro-Western Petro Poroshenko.

More than 1,543 people have been killed since mid-April in Ukraine’s eastern regions, according to the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“The United States is up to its eyeballs in toppling the legitimately elected government of Ukraine,” Mike Harris, an editor at Veterans Today, told Press TV.

“The US invested $5 billion of taxpayer money to bring down the Yanukovych regime, we know this,” Harris said in a phone interview on Wednesday.

“Since the new regime has been in place, we have seen the illegitimate government in Kiev, declare war upon the people of Ukraine and has been bombing and killing many, many civilians, young women, young children, using weapons like white phosphorus,” he added.

He compared the current government in Ukraine to the Zionist regime of Israel, which has killed nearly 2,000 Palestinians during its recent deadly offensive in the Gaza Strip which began on July 8.

“These people are nothing but butchers, they’re the same type of [Jewish] Bolsheviks that destroyed Ukraine during the Holodomor,” Harris argued.

“This is the same techniques that they’re applying in Gaza today. There is no difference between the regime in Ukraine and the regime in Israel which is murdering the people of Gaza, the Palestinians.”

Harris was referring to the Holodomor, an orchestrated famine in the Ukrainian Soviet Union in 1932 and 1933 that killed reportedly about 10 million Ukrainians. In a ruling on 13 January 2010, the court of appeals in Kiev found Joseph Stalin and other Bolshevik leaders guilty of genocide against the Ukrainians.

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