USA’s Barbarossa on Syria Reaches Turning Point

they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be wearyIsaiah 40:31


Deriorating into oblivion, the world’s largest army cannot move fast enough to cope with the immediateness of the internet. State propaganda finds it more and more difficult to manipulate simple truths in order to advance its Machiavellian machinations of worldwide wrath and violence.

On September 9, 2013, the key battle of the Arab Spring, gave clear signs that it is also its Operation Barbarossa.


Operation Barbarossa Reaches Stalingrad

Operation Barbarossa Reaches Stalingrad
Operation Barbarossa in Photographs


Operation Barbarossa was the code name for Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II. It started on June 1941, and it became the largest invasion in warfare history. In its almost half-year length, it caused the majority of German deaths during the war. Its landmark battle was longer, the Siege of Leningrad continued until January 1944, becoming one of the longest and most destructive sieges in history. It was one of the most dramatic turning points in WWII.

The event illustrates a tactical victory of the aggressor at the initial stages of his operation, which is followed by a strategic defeat in later stages. Western-backed Arab Spring is turning out to be a modern re-enactment of such a development.


Uncle Sam Springboards

Libya, Syria, Iran—Uncle Sam Springboards
Latuff 2012


Order of Battle

On August 26, I published American Attack on Syria Announced by Israel, where I analyzed the Israeli attempt to impose a war on the USA, to the extent that the sketch of the proposed Order of Battle was published. The banner below was the main headline of Yediot Ahronot—the largest paid Hebrew newspaper—on August 26, 2013. The text reads “On the Way to the Attack” and shows images of USA’s President Obama and Syria’s President Assad.

Evil in its inconsistency, the newspaper claimed that Bashar al-Assad is winning* and a few lines later that he “had used chemical weapons out of despair.” Any trick is kosher in the attempt to wag the dog into the Grandmother of All Battles.

These are strange times. An Order of Battle is made public by one side of the conflict before the battle while the other side reacts publicly on the same day. Russian Izvestia published an impressive interview with Bashar al-Assad.** “Failure awaits America as it has happened in all its wars from Vietnam onwards,” he claimed wrongly because the USA decisively defeated Grenada in 1983.

On the same day, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov publicly denied the existence of evidence that Syria had used chemical weapons.

Halef al-Maftah, a senior member of Assad’s party who until recently was the assistant of the ministry responsible for PR, gave on the same day an interview to American Radio Sawa in Arabic. “Damascus considers that Israel is behind the violence and thus it will be under fire. We have strategic weapons, and we can react. Basically, the strategic weapons are aimed at Israel. If the USA or Israel will commit the error of attacking us using the chemical issue as justification, the entire area will experience unending fire.”


On the Way to the Attack

“On the Way to the Attack”
Yediot Ahronot, August 26, 2013


Operation Barbarossa 2013

Contrary to Western regimes claims, the mercenary army fighting the Syrian government is failing.

On July 16, 2013, General Salim Idris, Commander of the Mercenary Free Syrian Army, gave a press conference following the UK abandoning plans to arm the Syrian opposition as reported by British The Telegraph.+

“The West left us alone to be killed,” the mercenary said and was right. After more than two years of struggle, it became clear that the Free Syrian Army was just a Free Syrian Kindergarten. Its Western masters could rely on it.


Western Plan for Syria – by Latuf 2012

Western Plan for Syria—Latuff 2012
The Prince of Darkness: Radical Evil and the Power of Good in History


Since then, plans of a Western attack on Syria appeared regularly on the media, including a very suspicious Israeli-American missile test.

Sabre-rattling quick as a bunny, the USA discovered that its rabbit is arthritic; internet is faster than its heavy army. Shortly afterwards, the rabbit in Uncle Sam’s hat died.

Breeze of War

During the first days of September 2013, macho winds of war flew from Washington all over the world. War coalitions were made and unmade faster than the flight of a bullet. Tornado or typhoon? It turned out being a summer breeze hitting a cement wall. Obama was stalled.


Superb Example of American Humor

Superb Example of American Humor
The Prince


The American attempt to recycle the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie++ that led to the American attack on Iraq in 2003 had little chance to succeed. The mercenary’s chemical attack was well documented; it didn’t make sense that al-Assad would use chemical weapons while winning.**

On September 6, 2013, USA President Obama tried to gain support to his Grandmother of All Battles’ War during a G20 meeting in Russia. He failed. He left with the same few supporters he had before his travel. Most of the world opposed America’s aggressiveness.

Russia opposed the unjustified attack as bravely as during the Stalingrad Siege.

On September 9, President Putin threw a diplomatic bombshell. He proposed to avert an American strike by having President Bashar al-Assad of Syria turn over chemical weapons to the international community, the latter accepted. In a masterful strike, both leaders forced the pin back into the USA’s chemical grenade.

Today, September 10, France announced that it would propose a United Nations Security Council resolution to carry the Russian proposal forward.

Looking inside his hat, Obama found a dead rabbit. Looking outside the window, he found out that the announced typhoon was just hot bowel-winds.

President Obama, next time you should keep distance from spicy food.

In his first term, Obama was with the help of the poster reproduced above, which promised hope to the people. Oddly enough, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy, though not in the way intended.

After America’s relentless violence was finally blocked by the international community, humanity has hope now for a brighter future when countries attempting to use weapons of mass distraction to advance their militaristic goals would belong to history’s dustbin.


Mr. Tov Roy is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.




* See Syrian-Kurds Exodus = Assad’s Victory?


** al-Assad also said “From the beginning of the crisis, the USA, the UK, and France have tried to get militarily involved. They tried to change the positions of China and Russia in the UN Security Council, but they failed. They failed to convince the world that this is an intelligent step. They can open a war, but they know neither how long will it be nor to which areas will it expand. They understand that they have no control on that. What is going on in Syria is not a popular revolution, but terror. Western leaders cannot tell their people: ‘We enter Syria to support terror,'” and “Why Israel opens fire against our forces every time we defeat the terrorists next to the border?”

The claims on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Government were defined by Assad as “an insult to the intelligence. It is nonsense. First, they put you on trial and only after they collect evidence…. On Wednesday, we were blamed, and only two days later the USA announced it would start to collect evidence.” This is not the first time that the American Government displays a misunderstanding of the term “evidence” (Iran Shows Captured Drone; USA Claims “No Evidence”).


+ See Idris: the West “leave us alone to be killed”


++ In one of the most shameful moments of the USA, its Secretary of State Colin L. Powell lied to the United Nations during an infamous presentation in February 2003. He offered false audio intercepts, photographs and testimony from anonymous witnesses as proof that Hussein was developing chemical, biological and, perhaps, even nuclear weapons, despite evidence to the contrary offered by U.N. investigators.

One month later, the USA invaded Iraq, backed mainly by the UK. Soon afterwards, the American lie collapsed. Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were a fairy tale designed to coerce public opinion for the glory of America’s oil-interests.

Neither Powell nor President Bush had faced international justice for the crime.

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