RT America: US Pulls Missiles out of Saudi Arabia to Pivot toward China (Full Show)

Washington’s decision to pull most of its advanced weapons systems from Saudi Arabia may presage a shift in focus to the perceived threat posed by an increasingly assertive China.

Beijing has threatened economic sanctions and even to blockade Taiwan if the US fails to abide by its long-standing official “One China policy” and warned the US that it should not “send the wrong signal” about Taiwan’s sovereignty.

China is in a fury about the US desire to rename the nomenclature of its diplomatic office on the geopolitically fraught island, opting for the endonymic “Taiwan” instead of the current nomenclature, which uses “Taipei,” the name favored by Beijing.

RT America’s John Huddy reports. Then Prof. Jack Rasmus of St. Mary’s College joins Rick Sanchez to share his insights.

France is winding down its long-running anti-insurgency operation in Mali. Parallels are being drawn to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Other European nations were also involved in the bolstering of the Malian armed forces. Despite EU military involvement, insurgents continue to gain ground. RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij reports.

With talk of a third COVID-19 shot to act as a “booster” in inoculating people against the coronavirus, people are wondering whether it is necessary or if it could even be harmful.

And what of people in the developing world who haven’t even had their first?

Dr. Bob Arnot shares his expertise.

He says that it’s not necessary in most cases, because it undermines confidence in the vaccine and increases the likelihood of side effects.

Tupac Shakur died 25 years ago on this day.

But some insist that he never died at all.

RT America’s Makeda Sheffield examines the iconic musical artist, his death at the age of 25 and his enduring legacy.

Plus, tennis star Daniil Medvedev talks with RT America’s Steve Christakos about winning his very first Grand Slam championship.



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