DPRK Challenge US Oceanic Strategy Which Aims at Gratifying Their Unlimited Greed and Ambition to Dominate Asia-Pacific Region

The U.S. imperialists’ oceanic strategy is, in essence, aimed at gratifying their unlimited greed and ambition to dominate the Asia-Pacific region, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a bylined article.

The U.S. made public a fresh strategy for defense underlining the importance of its Asia-Pacific policy early this year, says the article, adding:

It was an open declaration of a scenario for focusing efforts on implementing its Asia-Pacific strategy and effecting its full involvement in the region.

Its objective can be explained by the strategic and geopolitical importance of the Asia-Pacific region, the greed for rich marine resources and the moves to control marine transport routes.

The U.S. directs bigger efforts to the Korean Peninsula in carrying out its oceanic strategy.

Oceanic forces consider the peninsula as a springboard for advancing into the continent.

It is the U.S. world strategy in the new century to put Northeast Asia under its control and dominate the rest of the world.

Given this fact, the peninsula is regarded as a major forward oceanic strategic base of the U.S. imperialists.

It is a scenario of the U.S. to form a front for attacking the DPRK and other anti-imperialist independent countries in the waters linking Japan, south Korea, etc., and amass nuclear armed naval and air forces there in a bid to block straits, mount preemptive nuclear strike at these countries and carry out even landing operations against them.

The U.S. seeks to keep Japan and the south Korean puppet forces under its “security umbrella”, set up a new mechanism for aggression in Southeast Asia and link it with the U.S.-Japan-south Korea triangular military alliance in order to establish NATO of Asian version for using it as a lever for carrying out its oceanic strategy.

The ulterior aim of the U.S. is to provoke a new war in the region.

Whether the U.S. strikes the DPRK or its neighboring states in line with its oceanic strategy for aggression, this will be bound to lead to a new global war, going beyond a local war.


Rodong Sinmun, Pyongyang, Korea

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