Ukraine’s Agent Zelensky: Puppet Show Produced by the West

Ukraine has become a massively indebted colony of Western capital that will be enslaved for decades to come.

A two-part investigative documentary published this week by Scott Ritter is a must-watch for anyone harboring delusions about Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. And not just about Zelensky but the entire NATO-fueled conflict in Ukraine with Russia.

The report comprehensively charts the transformation of a former comedian actor into a political leader who has brought his country to its knees in a bloody war of attrition with Russia.

Even people who have long been aware of Zelensky’s perfidious role will find Ritter’s investigation fascinating for the granular details and its overall geopolitical analysis. Based on original research as well as interviews with former Ukrainian officials and other respected Western analysts, Ritter presents a searing indictment of “Agent Zelensky”.

It’s an astounding story of betrayal, corruption and audacious manipulation of public perception in the West.

Ritter, a former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer and latterly an internationally respected independent analyst, provides an A to Z survey of Zelensky and how he has been groomed and micromanaged by American and British intelligence agencies to deliver Ukraine as a colony for Western geopolitical interests.

This “Ukraine Project” has been in the works since the country became independent in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. But under Zelensky there has been something of a Final Act.

In the West, Zelensky has been lauded and lionized by mainstream media, parliaments, Hollywood and even the Vatican as a brave defender of Ukrainian democracy and sovereignty against “Russian aggression”.

His image has been carefully crafted with puff pieces in Western media like CNN (a major PR machine). His wife adorns the cover of fashion magazines wearing expensive clothes even as her husband dons military fatigues like a costume from central casting.

This corny imagery is all part of the puppet show and psy-ops that his Western intel handlers have orchestrated. Unfortunately, too many in the West have bought into the soap opera. Although, there are signs that the plot is wearing thin from too many reruns and cliches.

Ritter pulls back the curtain on this charade to reveal the sinister intrigue and production. Only a cocaine-addled actor could pull off such a tawdry theater, and to the critical eye, there is little doubt that Zelensky is most of the time high as a kite in performing his CIA and MI6-scripted lines for Western public consumption.

Before becoming president, Zelensky starred in Servant of the People, a Ukrainian hit drama about a fictitious ordinary man who went into politics and became a national leader based on his denunciations of corruption in the establishment.

In real life, a year before the 2019 Ukrainian elections, a party named Servant of the People was newly formed and Zelensky ran for the president on a platform railing against corruption and vowing to bring peace to Ukraine.

That was five years after the CIA-backed Maidan coup in Kiev which ushered in a radical regime that launched a civil war against the Russian-speaking Donbass region (now part of the Russian Federation). The art imitating life here speaks of Western orchestration.

Elected with 73 per cent of the vote (a clear sign of popular demand for peace), Zelensky immediately changed his tune. He ramped up anti-Russian policies, including eradicating the Russian language spoken as a first language by a third of the Ukrainian population, including by Zelensky himself.

The betrayal was a testament to the fact that Agent Zelensky was from the outset a servant of Western intelligence and the geopolitical agenda ordained in Washington and London.

The ultimate objective for the Western puppet masters was to use Ukraine as a battlefield for a proxy war against Russia and to fight it to the last Ukrainian. Zelensky has delivered on his task with the blood of his countrymen who have been led to slaughter like sacrificial lambs.

During the past four years performing as “His Excellency”, Zelensky has fulfilled multiple other tasks for his Western handlers. They include:

  • Eliminating the Russian language, literature and culture.
  • Splitting and suppressing the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to banish historic Russian links and disorient many ordinary Ukrainians.
  • Erasing and rewriting history to denigrate Soviet military liberation of Ukraine during the Second World War, while elevating Ukrainian fascist collaborators of the Nazi Third Reich, including valorizing figures who had been instrumental in executing the Holocaust and mass murders of Slavs, Poles and others. Zelensky’s personal Jewish heritage was a calculated attribute aimed at confounding Western public understanding of this particularly obscene betrayal.
  • Zelensky has suppressed opposition media, journalists and political parties in order to expedite the turning of Ukraine into a tool for Western control and as an anti-Russian proxy. So much for “shared Western values” that the American and European leaders continually eulogize him for.
  • Selling off Ukraine’s prodigious farmland to American agribusiness – a sell-off that is in complete violation of the country’s constitution barring such foreign ownership.
  • Turning Ukraine into a laboratory for U.S. biowarfare experimentation and a testing ground for Western military weapons.
  • Preparing Ukraine for a NATO-sponsored military offensive against the Donbass region in March 2022, which Russia preempted with its intervention in February of that year.

The list goes on of other sordid tasks fulfilled by Agent Zelensky. All of it is meticulously documented. The upshot is that the Ukraine has become a massively indebted colony of Western capital that will be enslaved for decades to come.

The comic actor-president has been well-remunerated for his egregious betrayal. He owns several overseas luxury properties where he no doubt intends to spend his retirement after political office.

Here, however, Ritter raises a grave question about whether 45-year-old Zelensky will indeed be permitted to retire quietly given that he knows so much about the dirty game his Western handlers have been playing.

Like so many other foreign leaders who have been used in the past by Washington and London, Zelensky may find himself disposed of like a rag doll.

In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been killed or maimed in the proxy war with Russia and their country has been destroyed, riddled with corruption and infested with Nazi death squads.

This is all part of the long-term, nefarious imperial plan in Washington and London to weaken Russia while also subjugating the rest of Europe to Anglo-American capital. The plan hasn’t quite worked out like that since Russia has blown the charade with its formidable military power and geopolitical maneuvers to frustrate the Western agenda.

Nevertheless, the truly despicable thing about the Ukraine puppet show is that the Western producers have in their machinations and string pulling brought the world to a precipice of all-out war with Russia and a potential nuclear Armageddon if this show spirals any further out of control.

Scott Ritter’s expose of Zelensky and the Western agenda in the Ukraine war should be viewed by every citizen in the West. It is a damning indictment of Western rulers and what this proxy war is all about.



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