U.S.-Led Coalition Continuous Killing Civilians in Raqqa

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, on June 5, during yet another air strike of U.S-led International Coalition jets in Raqqa more than 30 civilians died.

It is reported, that the refuges were fired from the air at the moment when tried to leave terrorists-controlled area on boats along the Euphrates River.

It should be mentioned, that on Saturday Inside Syria Media Center had already touched this issue and reported that at least 30 people died in the coalition strikes in Raqqa. Most of them were women and children.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has already reacted to the incidents and sent letters to the UN Secretary-General. In the letters they compared the actions of the coalition to the crimes, committed by ISIS in Syria.

Moreover, the Syrian authorities urge the UN Security Council to take in the situation and take appropriate measures against the U.S. Because of their indiscriminate strikes people of Syria continue to die.

According to the Syrian Foreign Ministry, the U.S. actions in Syria are contrary to stated objective of combating terrorists, international law, human rights and the UN Charter.

At the same time, the military operation for the liberation of Raqqa, which has been initiated by the U.S. last November, leads to a great number of casualties among civilians and the destruction of key urban infrastructure.

As a result of the US indiscriminate attacks, Raqqa will be under control of terrorists for a long time, since their actions are not aimed at fighting terrorism.

The U.S. military campaign in Syria more likes genocide of the Syrian nation and an aggression against the sovereign state rather than fighting terrorism.

Only decisive steps of the world community, blaming the U.S. crimes in the Middle East could change situation for better.


Firas Samuri, Inside Syria Media Center, can be reached at firas.samuri@aol.com


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