Turkish General Arrested in Aleppo, Syria: Turkey Denies, Iran Calls for Consequences.

Yesterday the Iranian News Agency FARS reported that the Syrian Military had arrested a Turkish General in Aleppo, Syria. (1) Not Surprisingly the Turkish government vehemently denies that Syria should have arrested the General. It also denied that the Phantom F4 fighter jet that was downed by the Syrian military over a months ago had illegally entered Syrian air-space while Turkey admittedly is waging an illegal war on Syria.

The report has, in spite of Turkish attempts to rebut it, gained in credibility when the Iranian Member of Parliament, Mansour Haghighat-Pour demanded that Ankara should answer for the activities of the Turkish general who had been arrested in Aleppo.

Mansour Haghighat-Pour is the Vice Chairman of the Iranian Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, a position that provides privileged access to information from a usually very well informed Iranian Intelligence Community.

Mansour Haghighat-Pour added, that ” the population of Turkey must not stay indifferent to the ant-Islamic policy of that country. It is hardly probably that Turkey´s population will be silent if it turns out that the Turkish government supplies weapons to terrorists”.

The statement of the Iranian Member of Parliament is sensitive to the fact that the Turkish opposition to the Erdogan led government is increasingly voicing concerns about Turkey´s aggression against Syria. Only recently the Vice Chairman of Turkey´s Labor Party, Hasan Basri Ozbey , stated that the Party has clear evidence for the fact that Turkey´s President Gul incited terrorism in Syria. (2)

A senior Whitehall official stated in June, that the the United Kingdom and other countries, including Turkey, France, and possibly the USA, had deployed Special Forces to Syria. (3)

Taking into account that a successful major military operation inside Syria is bound to fail unless the foreign backed mercenary and terrorist forces and their Special Forces Liaisons succeed in establishing a stronghold in at least one major city before the onset of fall and winter, and that a massive military campaign is being waged to secure the city of Aleppo, is also increasing the likelihood that Turkey would have deployed a high ranking military officer to co-ordinate the military campaign in Aleppo.

After the NATO/GCC/Israeli Alliance has failed to topple the Syrian government and to cast the country into chaos and civil war because China and Russia have drawn a clear line against a repetition of the Libyan scenario, it seems that the “Opposition” is now making a push for the conquering of Aleppo as a basis for the establishment of a proxy government in Aleppo that could officially invite other nations military forces. The model has been used in Libya in 2011, when a transitional government was established in Benghazi.

Today Danish and other European Media proclaim that the Syrian Military uses it´s Air Force in Aleppo. A claim that so far has not been independently verified for nsnbc. It is however, symptomatic for the fact that a strong military push towards the establishment of a proxy government in Aleppo is being conducted to provide a political pretext for a push towards the establishment of a so called No-Fly-Zone.

Unless a statement from the government of Syria declares otherwise, it most likely that the Syrian military has captured a Turkish general or high ranking military officer in Aleppo, who was co-ordinating and supporting the establishment of a stronghold in the city.

The implications of the capture of a high-ranking Turkish-NATO military officer inside Syria are staggering and could warrant Syrian calls for a joint Syrian Iranian response based on the two nations defense contracts.


Dr. Christof Lehmann


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Report: Syrian Government Arrests A Turkish Army General in Aleppo, Syria




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