Turkey’s Role in Iraq – Precursor to War?


What is Turkey doing in Iraq? Who invited them? Who incited them to shoot down the Russian SU-24? – The answer is the same. The Pentagon / NATO gang of aggressors. They found that Turkey is the perfect patsy for this type of operation.

Erdogan’s corruption and greed make him a vulnerable pawn. He and his family are sucking up cheap Daesh / ISIS oil stolen from Syria and Iraq and ‘smuggled’ into the open gates of Turkey, where it is whitewashed so to speak and sold to the world, including to Israel.

Exact amounts are not known, but are estimated in the billions of dollars since the Islamic State’s occupation of Northern Iraq and parts of Syria in 2014. Erdogan is also a megalomaniac – dreaming of expanding his influence in the region – and of a new Ottoman empire.

On 3 December Turkey deployed a few hundred troops and 25 tanks to Bashiqa just north of Mosul, the center of an oil rich region, an ISIS stronghold. The reason, the Turkish Defense Minister claims, is to train Kurdish Peshmerga and Arab fighters against ISIS.

Ahmet Davuloglu, Turkish Prime Minister, says his country’s troops have been in Bashiqa since March 2015 with the consent of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Despite this presence – or because of it, Turkey being a key supporter of the Islamic State – Mosul, the oil-rich capital of Iraq’s Niniveh Province and the heartland of Kurdistan fell to ISIS in June 2015.

Turkey’s real motives may be securing and controlling northern Iraq, an area rich of petroleum and homeland of Kurdistan and much more importantly – pleasing the Washington masters who want Turkey on behalf of NATO to interfere with Russia’s air force fighting the Islamic State.

This war tactic against Russia by proxy was also applied when the US and Saudi air force guided Turkish F-16 fighters to ambush one of Russia’s two SU-24 on 24 November 2015. What proxy – Turkey being a NATO member? – But Turkey also being a loose cannon, her acts of aggression against Russia may be sidelined by NATO.

On 3 December Iraq’s Prime Minister and Commander in Chief said clearly, “I did not ask any country to send foreign ground troops and we will [consider] any sent as hostile act.” He categorically rejected such action as an infringement on Iraq’s sovereignty and asked Turkey for immediate withdrawal of her troops.

Russia asked the UN Security Council to discuss Turkish military action in Iraq and Syria. Washington waffled, not knowing what to say, other than this was an issue to be resolved between Iraq and Turkey. See also how State Department’s spokesman John Kirby insults an RT journalist, who simply asked about Washington’s reaction to the Turkish invasion of sovereign Iraq.

So far nothing has changed. Iraqi protesters demonstrate against Turkish military presence in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square. But Turkey remains steadfast in northern Iraq, knowing that she has the full, if tacit, support of Washington and NATO – and the Saudi’s for that matter.

If Turkey shoots down a Russian plane it’s called a ‘blunder’ in the western media. If it were a more serious NATO partner like the UK, France or Germany, not to mention the US, it might even in the western public opinion become an act of aggression – an escalation towards WWIII. Turkish acts of aggression on Russia are just minor provocations, hoping Russia will fall into the trap of retaliating and starting a direct East-West confrontation.

Not to forget, Erdogan, once an ally and friend of President Assad, is a staunch supporter of the US policy doctrine that Bashar al-Assad must be removed. Isn’t it amazing how money and power can change friendships? It is reminiscent of then President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, who enjoyed financial support from Mohammed Gaddafi, yet was the initiator of the NATO attack on Libya in March 2011 which led to the horrendous murder of the Libyan leader and many of his family members.

Our western world has become a theatre of lies and deceit. Nothing is ‘mistake’ or ‘blunder’. All is well planned with a nefarious objective of full dominance by consent of the common citizen. Propaganda of terror with increasing numbers of false flags throughout the western world, are terrorizing the people with fear.

Innocent people have to be killed, including invented attackers, thus subjugating the public into submission, or worse, into asking for police protection in the form of ever more repressive measures.

The latest false flag comes in the form of a warning: On 10 December the US Embassy in Switzerland warned US citizens residing in Switzerland, particularly in Geneva to be vigilant for a possible terror attack. Some Jihadists from the Paris 13 November attack may have escaped to Geneva. By inference, the Swiss Government had to take this warning seriously, lest some bought Islamists may have indeed caused terror in Geneva – leaving the city and Switzerland under a ‘We told you so’ blame.

Today, with due diligence and justifying the alert, Geneva police have arrested two ‘suspects’ – curiously with Syrian passports, whose homes have allegedly been searched and – oh wonder – a considerable cache of weapons and explosives was apprehended. The people will never know the truth, because that’s police secret.

There is hardly a secure place any more in the western monotheistic Christian world – secure from false flags and lies and media manipulation – and secure from being killed in one of these necessary false flag attacks that justify large scale reprisals – like bombing Syria into rubble – pushing 11 million Syrians into homelessness and more than 4 million into becoming international refugees, ‘invading’ the countries of their hangmen, NATO countries, asking for mercy and shelter.

What an absurd world we are living in. Absurdity has become the norm of the day – of our despicable lives. That’s what we convey to our children – the next generation. The new normal, living in terror, artificially made terror to fear-beat as many into submission, for the Global Big Dictator with headquarters in Washington and a succursale in Tel Aviv to fast-step to full world hegemony.

In the meantime the Pentagon announces an expansion of its global network of military bases. Unnamed Pentagon officials told the New York Times on 9 December that

The US Defense Department (DOD) is preparing to expand its global network of military bases by establishing a new “string” of bases in countries stretching from Africa to East Asia, unnamed Pentagon officials told the New York Times Wednesday.

The enlarged US basing arrangements will include at least four new large-scale bases or “hubs,” including new facilities in East Africa and West Africa and Afghanistan, along with a greater number of smaller camps or “spokes.” The new bases, which the Pentagon describes as “enduring” bases, will host forces ranging from dozens of commandos up to 5,000 soldiers at the largest hubs.

When do we wake up to stop the monster?


Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, CounterPunch, TeleSur, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance

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