Trump Debunks Notion of Russia Interfering in America’s Electoral Process

Claiming it is utter nonsense. Not a shred of evidence suggests it. Irresponsibly blaming Moscow for hacking DNC emails or any other type interference in America’s electoral process reflects longstanding Russia bashing.

In response to being named Time magazine’s person of the year, Trump told the publication that accusing Russia is politically motivated. “I don’t believe it. I don’t believe they interfered,” he said, adding:

I believe that it could have been…any one of many other people…It could have been some guy in his home in New Jersey.

DHS, DNI and Hillary’s claims weren’t supported by evidence because none exists. Accusations without proof are baseless. Legitimate tribunals would dismiss cases without it.

DHS and DNI claiming Russia tried influencing America’s presidential election outcome was hokum. Utter rubbish! Shameless Big Lies. Responsible parties knew it all along. Media scoundrels promoted what they should have condemned.

Russia is a convenient punching bag, vilified for its sovereign independence and Putin’s anti-imperial, anti-war, multi-world polarity agenda.

Ranking House Intelligence Committee Democrat member Adam Schiff shamefully criticized Trump for “contradict(ing) our intelligence professional and carry(ing) water for the Kremlin.”

Republican House Homeland Security chairman Michael McCaul, a member of Trump’s national security team, lied about nonexistent Russian cyberattacks, nonsensically claiming interference with America’s electoral process, saying:

Its (nonexistent) “hacks and attacks should be a wake-up call and a call to action. There needs to be consequences to these actions. On the international stage, if we don’t respond and show them that there are consequences, the bad behavior will continue.”

Obama indicated a “proportional” response was coming.

Nothing so far.

Hopefully Trump will extend outreach to Putin, following through on saying both countries should cooperate in combating terrorism and find ways to get along.

McCaul is part of Washington’s neocon infestation, rabidly anti-Russia: “We can’t allow foreign governments to interfere in our democracy, and when they do so we must call them out on it and respond forcefully, publicly, and decisively,” he ranted.

The United States should respond to cyber attacks in a way that will make our adversaries think twice before they do it again.

His committee plans introducing what he calls “serious (cybersecurity) reform,” without further elaboration on what he intends.

Russia bashing won’t end once Trump succeeds Obama.

Hopefully he’ll go the other way and seek normalized ties – in the interest of world peace and stability.


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