Allowing US military invasion in another sovereign nation: Moral bankruptcy


Global moral bankruptcy

What’s happening right now in Libya since March 19th‘s “US/NATO-led air strikes against Libya” including so-called March 29th‘s “London Conference” where forty some foreign ministers including UN Secretary General gathered not to stop but to “reaffirm their continued military attacks” is for sure a global moral bankruptcy.

Why? How? What could be some of the immediate future disasters, failures or setbacks in regard to global justice?

Why do I argue it’s a “global moral bankruptcy”?

For the world including those four BRIC nations seem helplessly failed to stop US/NATO’s another immoral, hypocritical, and most importantly “criminal” military operation against Libya.

Those three so-called “allies” who are to carry out so-called another UN resolution to impose another “no-fly zone” against another sovereign nation are US (present “Global Empire”), Britain (former “British Empire”) and France (another former Western empire).

Who are they? Shall we say, at least for last 4 to 5 centuries, they are doubtlessly the three most notorious cases of morally-bankrupt nations on earth? Aren’t they?

As the whole world sees now, what UN, UN Secretary General, several world’s major powers including Germany either by support or “abstention” (for yet some unknown reasons) did at March 17th’s UN Security Council vote was utterly or conveniently used for an immediate justification of those three most morally-bankrupt nations’ another “imperial ambitions” this time in North Africa.

Therefore, one can justifiably argue both March 17th‘s UN Security Council vote and March 29th‘s London Conference decision for the continuation of military attacks is hardly free from being criticized as an act of “moral bankruptcy.”

As well-known, throughout history of Western colonialism and American imperialism, they are the ones who have continuously carried out the most immoral, hypocritical, deceptive thereby most destructive (or, it must be said, catastrophic) aggressions against mostly small, weak, but resource-rich and/or strategically-important nations around the globe.

Today, again, they are claiming they are carrying out so-called “humanitarian aid” through their military operations for the sake of oppressed “civilians” in Libya.

Is it so? Is it true? Nope! Or hardly “Yes”!

Another lie, fabrication, misinformation, deception

This is another outright lie, fabrication and/or misinformation! This is another global scale of deception.

I bet most, if not everybody in the world, do know what they are really doing. I bet the world knows they are again in disguise trying to cover up their utterly hypocritical, secret but already well-known greedy ends: the oil, the hegemony, the profit, in other words, the international gang of robbery.

Anyway they successfully deceived the world again, as they did in 1950 against Korea, in 2003 against Iraq, now in 2011 against Libya.

Particularly they deceived again the world’s supposed-to-be most representative body, the United Nations.

They conveniently used again its often-shamed body, the UN Security Council and also the other often-shamed office UN Secretary General which have never been able to carry out any resolutions, sanctions or even moral condemnations against Israel who’s been repeatedly committing the “crimes against humanity” and “war crimes” against defenseless and weak “civilian” population in Palestine and/or other Arab nations.

The world’s supposed-to-be most honorable body the UN has failed to do anything real to punish or to stop countless number of ongoing Israeli crimes during their over 40 years’ of continued military occupation of Palestine and other parts of Arab nations.

However, whenever it’s the case US and its faithful “Western allies” condemn through ongoing propaganda campaigns in the form of demonization against mostly anti-imperialist thereby self-determined and independent nations and/or their national systems or leaderships, this world’s body becomes a completely different entity.

Then it rather becomes a faithful servant to uphold and praise those most morally-bankrupt nations’ “imperial ambitions” in the name of “human rights, democracy, and freedom,” this time together with “humanitarian assistance” and “protection of civilians.”

Throughout last century till this very day in the 21st century, there are numerous other nations who’ve dared to challenge US hegemonic powers or its imperial aggressions have been fallen into that ill-famous “axis of evil” (Bush) category such as Cuba, DPRK (North Korea), Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela and so on.

Who are America’s next “regime change” targets?

Then, after Libya, who could be next target?

China and Russia belong to a somewhat different category from those above-mentioned small third world nations.

However, all of them, without an exception, still belong to same targets when opportune time and convenient opportunities may eventually arrive as US and its faithful allies did against Libya now.

Today, again, US/NATO is carrying out exactly same strategy, i.e., the “regime change” in order to achieve their hypocritically-disguised goals in Libya and throughout North African region.

Below are some excerpts as examples from Associated Press and New York Times:

“World leaders meeting in London agreed that Gadhafi should step down but have yet to decide what additional pressure to put on him. ‘Gadhafi has lost the legitimacy to lead, so we believe he must go. We’re working with the international community to try to achieve that outcome,’ U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters after the talks concluded. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said it ‘has to be made very clear to Gadhafi: His time is over.’ But Germany and other countries have expressed reservations about the current military intervention in Libya, let alone expanding it. France has struck a more forceful tone. Defense Minister Gerard Longuet told France-Inter radio that Paris and London believe that the campaign ‘must obtain more’ than the end of shooting at civilians.” (Associated Press, Mar 29)

“In the allies’ shadow war in Libya, airstrikes are aimed not only at Colonel Qaddafi’s tanks and artillery, but also at the elite of his remaining armed forces in an effort to persuade them to turn against their embattled leader.” (The New York Times, March 29, 2011)

Dr. Kiyul Chung is Editor-in-chief, the 4th Meida and Visiting Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

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