The US Puppet Park, Her Shaman and Intelligence Agency in Seoul Forcibly, Illegally Dissolved an Opposition Political Party by Fabrications, Lies

130만 촛불, 퇴진을 외치다

On th 26th of November more than 1.9 million people have flooded the streets in all over South Korea demanding the resignation of President Park Geun-hye. A sea of demonstrators waved banners and signs as the filled half a mile from the capital’s city hall for several hours chanting “Park Geun-hye, Step Down!”

Meanwhile, doubts are being raised that the ‘Lawmaker Lee Seok-ki Insurrection Conspiracy Case’, and the ‘Dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party(UPP)’ were also fabricated by the shadow woman, Choi Sun-sil.

According to an article, those doubts could be raised due to the testimony from a party executive of Sae-nuri, the biggest political party in Korea, who also worked in the Blue House and Park Geun-hye’s camp for presidential election.

Suspicions on the truth of the ‘Lawmaker Lee Seok-ki Insurrection Conspiracy case’ have been risen

The former employee said, ‘Choi Sun-sil had mentioned the dissolution of the UPP since the Presidential Election in 2012. Because, Lee Jung-hee (an opposite candidate for Park Geun-hye, and the representative of the UPP) said “I decided to become a candidate to drop another candidate, Park Geun-hye” in TV debating show.

After that, the former employee said that Choi Sun-sil had said “The first thing I will do is dissolving the UPP and imprisoning the members of it, if Park become a president.”

Park and Choir intended to excite public opinion fabricating the fact as if a lawmaker Lee Seok-ki were a spy. “The task force team consisting of information managers and legal experts in and out the Blue House including its employees examined the UPP.

As the team reported to and got instructions from Choi Sun-sil, it started a strategy to dissolve the UPP. At the first onset, the team made lawmaker Lee Seok-ki into a spy as if he were on charged of espionage, insurrection conspiracy and provocation, and violation of the National Security Law. By doing so, they excited public opinion.”,

Finally the former employee said, “The dissolution of the UPP must be rectified with legal ways, and lawmaker Lee Seok-ki who is unfairly in prison must be released through a fair retrial. The politic which is crippled by monopoly of shadow power ruling the Blue House must be changed.”

A Book covering the case and Lee’s story is newly released.

Who should be in the place where Lee Seok-ki is?

In 2015, 10 members of the Unified Progressive Party(UPP) including lawmaker Lee Seok-ki were sentenced on charge of insurrection conspiracy. The Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court decided to dissolve the political party, UPP though the only actual evidence they had to convict the party was recording files which were fabricated.

While voices chanting the resignation of President Park Geun-hye are reverberated through the Square in Gwang Hwa-moon, Seoul, I feel mixed reading the book <Icarus’s prison(Mal)> written by Moon Young-sim. If I tell someone who read the book that its subtitle is ‘the truth of the lawmaker Lee Seok-ki Insurrection Conspiracy’, will he or she think telepathically? I would ask my friends, over the bowl when I was dead drunk, “why should Mr. Lee be in prison? You guys, I do not believe you who think yourselves open-minded.”

In December, 19, 2014, The Constitutional Court decided to dissolve the Unified Progressive Party(UPP). Moreover, in January, 22, 2015, The Supreme Court confirmed the sentence of the Seoul High Court, which sentenced two-and-a-half to nine years imprisonment to more than a hundred thousand members of the UPP including lawmaker Lee Seok-ki.

The only evidence that the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court sentenced the dissolution of the UPP and lawmaker Lee Seok-ki for allegation of insurrection conspiracy is the recording files of the lecture of him. The lecture was held by a branch of the UPP in Gyeong-gi Province and delivered to members of the UPP in an auditorium in Marist Brothers, Hab-jung dong, Seoul, in May, 12, 2013.

The media reported that Lee Seong-yoon, who made the recordings, was an internal accusation in the UPP, however, he was an illegal informant of the National Intelligence Service(NIS) who had been commissioned for illegal inspection of the UPP since August, 2010 when he had received a recorder from the NIS.

The full text of recording files was released to media by the NIS, saying it was the evidence from the meeting of the RO(Rovolutionary Organization) not showing it to Lee Seok-ki and the UPP.

The NIS which illegally inspected the UPP for about three years could not bring any evidence that a secret leadership so-called RO was in the UPP, without a speculative comment of the informant whom the NIS bribed. And all the evidence submitted by the NIS for charges of insurrection conspiracy led by lawmaker Lee Seok-ki was also the only recording files.

The NIS which could not find any evidence provided media with the full text of recording files fabricated by them to permanently expel Lee Seok-ki and the UPP from the political world in Korea. Legal team in Social Affairs, the Hankook Ilbo received the ‘Journalist of the Month’ awarded by the Korea Reporters Association by exclusively reporting the text which fudged ‘propaganda performance’ to ‘church execution’.

The prosecution, which received the original copy from the NIS, showed more than 450 faults in understanding contents of the recording files maliciously. “A total war should not occur.”(Actual remarks) -> “It’s a total war, total war!”(Prosecution fabricated), “Peaceful response”(Actual remarks) -> “Violent response”(Prosecution fabricated), “The situation that people can not contact each other even if they are in cities.”(Actual remarks) -> “The situation that people can not contact each other even if they have an actual bullet”(Prosecution fabricated), “It’s absence of central position in the party”(Actual words) -> “It’s absence of central command.” (Prosecution fabricated)

<Icarus’s prison> covers 11 pages of May Lecture’s transcript, which was written by lawyers and was adopted as an evidence by the Court, 2 and half pages of questions and answers between Lee Seok-ki and members of the UPP, and 2 and half pages of closing remarks by Lee Seok-ki.

In the May Lecture, Lee Seok-ki raised issues dealing the way for the UPP to wisely block offensive moves to so-called Pro-North Koreans by conservatives and the way to settle peace in the Korean Puninsula, concerning a possibility of war led by the US’s preemptive strike following North Korea’s nuclear test.

Between two main current issues, the most important thing, he thought, was not force or rebellion but a external propaganda campaign. In a closing remark, Lee said, referring a gun that had appeared in any panel discussion, that “Gun? Do not carry a gun. What is more important than a nuclear bomb is the weapon of thought. Let us look at the thought of those who are more important than nuclear bombs.”

“Currently, the UPP is the only political community fighting under the banner of self-reliance in society of Korea. In some ways, the only criterion for dividing progressives and conservatives is self-reliance. Anyone can say public welfare, regardless of anyone in the Democratic or Conservative Party like Park Geun-hye and An Chul-soo.

But the meaning of self-reliance can not be set by anyone. The value of self-reliance in Korea can simplify confusing situation and various interests in the Korean Peninsula at once. It it natural order for them to remove the people who aim self-reliance, democracy and unification under the banner of self-reliance. It is exact background of the suppression on the UPP.”

Why should Lee Seok-ki be in prison?

Before one knows, when we talk about self-reliance and unification in the Korean society, it has become ‘old progress’ and ‘progress in a small room’. However, why is it lagging behind the times?

Those who criticize the UPP as an anachronistic progression are putting individuals’ human rights, freedom, and welfare as a priority value, but how can the non-self-government, which do not even want to get the wartime operational control back, take care of them?

Not only the progressive forces’ opposition to the Korea-US FTA and to participating in the was in Iraq during tenure of former President Roh Moo-hyun, but also the democratic citiznes’ refusal to deployment of THAAD of the US military in these days is showing the reality in Korea that can survive only with needed self-reliance.

The Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court could not reveal the reality of the RO, the underground leadership of the UPP and even find any evidence and circumstance of rebellion.

As there was no evidence of tangency with North Korea, prosecutors insisted, “It’s evidence of internalization in North enough not to need any tangency with North. The hearing conducted by the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court was not for insurrection conspiracy, which turned to insurrection provocation, but for ideologies and words of the people.

The negative result of the government of Roh Moo-hyun that failed to send the National Security Law to the historical museum, with it put into a sheath, cut the bud of progress. At that time, the Democratic Party and the Justice Party opted for being cowards who bully weak children who have less power than them to avoid becoming outcasts.

On August 11, 2014, Lee Seok-ki who was sentenced to nine years in prison has been breaking the longest period in prison, which is only 0.75 square feet, on charge of insurrection only in three years’ imprisonment.

In the meantime, Park Geun-hye, who was the leader of the dissolution of the UPP, might be forced to go to jail for illegal fund raising and third party bribery. Currently, Gwanghwnmun Square and all over the country, slogans such as“Step down, Park Geun-hye!”, “Saenuri Party is also an accomplice!” come out, but these slogan is repetition of the same word. The more proper slogan is “Resign Park Geun-hye, Release Lee Seok-ki!”

You, who tell yourself as a pure person who has built up a wall with ‘politic’ and has suddenly become a outsider, are not likely to shout such a slogan while denouncing incompetence and corruption of President.

I have barely swallowed a word that is about to pop out of my throat saying ‘Gwanghwamun theater’ is ‘porn of desire’ of whom ruin their self-development. I want to ask you as if you are my friends over the bowl, why should Lee Seok-ki be in there?

It took 52 years for Jo Bong-am who had been judicially murdered by former President Lee Seungman to be released. It took 32 years for 8 people who had been judicially murdered by former President Park Jung-hee to be found innocent. The universe knows who must be in the place where Lee Seok-ki will come out.


Korean Committee to SaveRep. Lee Seok-ki

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