The US-led Apocalypse: The America’s Apocalyptic Eternal War

[Editor’s note: This article was written by Mr. Tov Roy in September, 2011 when one of the most criminal, violent and indiscriminate war crimes in human history was being committed by the US/Israel-led NATO state terrorism against a sovereign nation Libya. However, this article is still very much relevant to today’s realities around the globe. Today there are a number of both known and unknown places around the world where very much same atrocities and violent crimes, in the name of so-called “human rights, democracy and freedom,” are being committed by the very same most hypocritical, cunning and self-righteous war criminals of the West.]


Rambo | American Assessins Around the World
Rambo | American Assessins Around the World


While planning and designing this article, I knew I would face technical problems. Yet, I thought everything would fit into a reasonably sized web page. While collecting and formatting the data, it became obvious that wasn’t possible while keeping the page’s clarity.

Eventually, I split it, concentrating raw data in a downloadable excel file named American Military Operations. It contains a partial list of military operations performed by the United States of America since its foundation.

It doesn’t include the violent massacres on Native Americans committed by the illegitimate British colonies that became the USA. It doesn’t include an unknown number of classified operations that were never acknowledged by this violent government.

It doesn’t include the violence of this government towards its citizens. It doesn’t include operations performed around the world by subservient governments (like Israel and the CAZAB countries) in the name of the noble American Empire.

Yet, the list includes over 500 operations! This is more than one per year of existence of this violent organization. Despite the usual self-perception of Americans as a bunch of peaceful folk – happy-go-lucky to their nearest McDonald’s branch – they are probably among the most violent cultures in the history of the world; clearly surpassing the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan.

A related piece of information is the list of American military bases around the world. Again, the list is so extensive that instead of bringing it, I’m placing a map with countries in which American troops were deployed in 2007.

Again, this map is per published sources; there are good reasons to believe (for example the persistent news on the existence of clandestine interrogation bases of the CIA and books like INSIDE THE COMPANY: CIA DIARY) that bases are present in additional countries.

It doesn’t take long to appreciate we are dealing with a world-wide self-proclaimed empire, which is involved in an incessant series of wars. America is nothing but Genghis Khan’s wet dream.


US Military Bases in the World
US Military Bases in the World | 2007 – Doesn’t Include Secret Bases


The list of American military operations contains many surprises. One of them dates back to 1983, when in an event named Operation Urgent Fury, the mighty USA confronted a tiny Caribbean island called Grenada.

Nuclear weapons were aimed at the island, elite troops armed with the latest gadgets and weapons of mass destruction were deployed there and succeeded in defeating islanders armed with empty coconut shells.

What an inspiring nation, America! Next, they are planning to extinguish mosquito colonies with nuclear artillery and to go hunting for grasshoppers with elephants.

Inwardly, the American establishment sells its citizens a 1984 type of reality, where events like the occupation of the Green Square in Tripoli are staged in Qatar. America the Beautiful. America the Noble. America the Liar.

Grenada – as many other countries mentioned in the list of American military operations had never threatened America. It neither sent troops into America nor stationed them along its borders.

America – in the name of pluralism, corporation’s democracy and the weapons-industry profits – systematically destroys every culture and nation preaching a different system. Don’t like cheeseburgers? Too bad for Grenada!

The last years have been especially violent, with the American military having reached supremacy over the American formal government.

Following the recent downgrade of the American financial system, the American president was warned by the military establishment (as well as by Hillary Clinton – Secretary of State at the time) not to touch the defense budget.

The American government surrendered to this and created the basis for the next catastrophe. The USA cannot sustain its actual level of expenses on the military budget. Good news for the countries in America’s list of targets.

Can we expect to witness the collapse of this World Wide Evil in the near future? Giving accurate prophecies while dealing with such a violent organization is difficult; yet, in the last months we may have witnessed a key event.

Yesterday (September 20, 2011), the American president issued a strange statement claiming that “we all learned something from Libya.”

I couldn’t but agree with him, though due to what I assume is not the interpretation desired by this utterly noble, peaceful man, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, the commander in chief of the American army.

Yes, we have learned something from the events in Libya. We learned that the will of local populations carries no weight when compared with the needs of the Energy Pirates and Colonizers Coalition running the Northern Atlantic regimes.

We learned that when this unholy coalition decides so, it can murder civilians without fear of being brought to justice. We learned local customs and traditions can be crushed in the holy name of gold and oil.

After having learned so much, something becomes clear. This is a mutual situation. NATO’s violation of Libya doesn’t end there; the entering of a future Coalition of the Free into the USA in order to replace the violent cabal running it is a legal step in this world. Yes, we have learned.

Revelations 20:7-9

And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison.

And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.

Tov Roy,

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