Real Cause of the U.S. Debt Crisis: Spiralling Defense Spending

Contrary to Kleptocracy-scripted CNN newsbytes, the United States Debt Debate is NOT just the false choice between raising taxes on the few and rich versus lowering Medicare for the many and poor:  What always goes unmentioned is MILITARY PORK. 

Here’s what the Department of Defense (DoD) paid out in just one day on 30 June:

And here’s what they paid out in just the last month:

And here’s what they paid out since 7 October 1994:

$4 trillion for Iraq and AfPak alone:

Much of that going to multinational corporate giants that pay little if any taxes:

Many of whom have a long history of defrauding the taxpayers:

Including Lockheed-Martin:  First in funding … First in fraud:

And Boeing Corporation, who charges taxpayers 71 dollars for a 4-cent pin:


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