The Pope Bypasses Netanyahu

Despite the threats of Jewish extremists, the visit of the Pope in the Holy Land was successful from a security viewpoint to the extent that the Popemobile was used without the usual cage. However, tearful crocodiles awaited nearby.


Pope Francis in Bethlehem


A Tearful Crocodile blesses the Pope

Verbal attacks are a different issue. One of the attacks published belongs to Rabbi Moshe (Musa) Cohen. Settler Channel 7 allowed its publication on May 25, when the Pope was in the Holy Land. If a similar text were published on Israeli and Jewish officials it would lead to an ADL lawsuit. Following is the article’s longest and most poisonous paragraph.


Musa Cohen

Musa Cohen


“There are those who say that there is no room for comparisons between the old Christianity and the current one, which is enlightened and global, pursuing honesty and peace. If they are right, we demand from the Pope and his people to recognize the State of Israel as the country of the Jewish people, thing that he and those before him have avoided while recognizing the Palestinian evilness. We demand to stop the wild Christian mission in our land and its despicable attempts to hunt down the innocent souls of the People of Israel to the Christian way, as Christianity has always attempted along history. We demand that our Prime Minister be respected by arriving at his home and not by forcing him to visit a church. Beyond these demands we also remember all our robbed property along hundreds and thousands of years of history, which are kept with him in the Vatican and under his responsibility. The property of those massacred in the Holocaust, of the massacred in the Inquisition, the Crusades and the deportation from Spain; maybe also of the exiles of the Second Temple. We expect to hear regret for all the campaigns of killing and destruction, the persecution and the lies.”

Carried away by his words, I started drawing a Zionist flag, planning to enthusiastically wave it in the rarified atmosphere of the Andean High Plateau. Forgive me, it was the result of the lack of oxygen here. Before even drawing a skeletal frame of the symbol, a simple analysis provided justification for my dropping the task, and maybe even for justifying what sometimes is called anti-Semitism.

Eminent Rabbi Musa Cohen does not regret the loss of life; he does not care about any victims. He regrets the loss of property. Dear rabbi, can you please tell me what is the current Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate)?


Pope Francis in Bethlehem May 25, 2014

Pope Francis in Bethlehem May 25, 2014


Netanyahu’s Weak Memory

In a studied insult towards it Christian citizens, the Government of the State of Israel carries its weekly meetings on Sunday. What would happen if the American Government held its meetings during the Jewish Sabbath?

While the Pope was in Bethlehem, Netanyahu said to the government ministers, “His visit here creates an opportunity to show the world the real and modern Israel. In fact, the only country in the Middle East that assures absolute freedom of religion and keeps praying sites, promising the rights of everybody: Jews, Muslims and Christians.”


Bethlehem Welcomed Pope Francis

Bethlehem Welcomed Pope Francis
Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration

More than one hundred thousand Druze people living in Israel took offence on his words. In relative terms, more Druze than Jews have died in the IDF. After sacrificing their lives for Israel, they are forgotten faster than yesterday’s dew.

Netanyahu forgot another tiny detail. “Price Tag” events,+ plaguing Israel since 2008, systematically target churches and mosques. The attacks include Bedouin mosques, a minority that also serves in the Zionist army. In the days before the Pope’s arrival churches were attacked so viciously that I will not reproduce the images of the Zionists’ unprovoked attacks.

Drink some mint tea, Bibi, it is said to help memory.

Bypassing Netanyahu

“Here, in the birthplace of the Prince of Peace, I invite the two presidents to join me in prayer to God from the deep of the hearts for the gift of peace. I offer my home in the Vatican* for this prayer,” the Pope said in Bethlehem (I translated from Hebrew, original text may differ in its details).


Pope Francis in Jordan

Pope Francis visited Jordan before reaching Bathlehem
God Is Love: Deus Caritas Est


Palestinian President Abbas agreed on the spot. President Peres positive answer arrived shortly afterwards. If accomplished, this will be the last international appearance of Peres, who is about to depart political life. Deeply rooted in Socialism and Atheism, inviting Peres to a joint prayer is like inviting Marx, Lenin and Stalin to the event.

“It is time to put an end to a situation that is becoming more and more unacceptable. Both sides need to sacrifice in order to create two states, with internationally recognized borders, for the wellbeing of the both nations,” Pope Francis added.

This addition shows that the Pope understands that the public religious events in which President Peres likes to be photographed since he assumed his last post, are just photographs, maybe even faked photographs. The Pope wants to get involved in the negotiations, also because of the massive properties of the Catholic Church in the Holy land. The Church will be a side in any permanent agreement signed. Tomorrow, Israel and the Holy See may announce an agreement on the Cenacle.

Inviting Peres, the Pope bypassed Netanyahu. “If the guy forgets about Druze and Price Tag, what is the point of negotiating with him?” A close advisor said.

Can this initiative bring a change? Peres lacks political power. The President of Israel is in charge of greeting foreign visitors and appearing in pretty pictures of public events. “See the President eating a Moroccan mufleta during the Mimuna,” is the top of his possible achievements. Even if they pray for an entire day, their decisions lack political weight.

In a few hours, the main events during his visit will take place, including meetings with Netanyahu and Peres. Among cups of mint tea for the sake of historical memory, the Zionist leaders will have the opportunity to show their sincerity by apologizing for Price Tag terror, their official meeting on Sunday, and the false accusations regarding the Second Temple. Until then, Rabbi Musa Cohen can search for the Libor rate.


For a video presentation:

Pope Francis in Bethlehem May 25, 2014


Mr. Roi Tov is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.

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