The Lies of the War Establishment: Selling the Syrian Airstrikes



The U.S. war establishment is using the ISIS propaganda scare to police the world and continuously subject resistant nations to their global NATO imperial plans through massive aerial bombardment violence that is already murdering people not taking part in hostilities.

It’s not just the ISIS group that is an instrument to launch further wars for empire, either. There are new groups and endless enemies that the Washington war cabal is now naming, including the Khorasan group.

The U.S. war criminals dropped as many bombs on Syria in one night on September 23 than the entire span of recent bombings/170 plus death dealing airstrikes on Iraq in the name of waging war against ISIL, which is really a campaign designed to further destroy the Iraqi nation to control its petroleum .

In Syria, U.S. NATO imperialists bombed 50 targets in Raqqa, Deir al-Zor and Hasakah provinces and also conducted airstrikes in Alleppo.

According to the Britain based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights the U.S. and its five partners in imperial conquest—Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates targeted a residential building in Aleppo used by the Nusra Front, a militant group which these war mongers have been backing for the past several years to destabilize the Bashar-al-Assad government and eight civilians were killed, including three children.



The US fired 47 Tomahawk cruise missiles from ships in the Red Sea and Northern Persian Gulf at targets in Raqqa. Fighter jets and bombers — plus Tomahawk cruise missiles and drone aircraft are the deadly combination of violence that is feeding the economic interests of the U.S. military industrial corporate complex in these targeted areas of the besieged country.

It’s the first time that the Pentagon has deployed its F-22 Raptor jets into combat to destroy people’s homes in Syria which war masters will call “collateral damage.”

The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moualem is making nervous statements attempting to keep his government from being overthrown in the recent onslaught of airstrikes targeting militants. Moualem is stating that Washington cannot go it alone in the fight against the groups and that ground forces of the Syrian army are necessary.

This genuflection to U.S. aggression in the hopes that the Syrian government will not suffer a targeted overthrow in the same way that the U.S. NATO military machine used airstrikes against Libya and jihadist proxy mercenaries to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi and massacre his supporters is exemplary of the violent nature of the global NATO militarized corporate war machine and its ability to intimidate world leaders of other nations.

NATO U.S. war criminal imperialists will both use ISIS/Al Nusra against Assad and simultaneously attack these groups to bombard the Syrian countryside with U.S. weaponry to benefit the capitalist interests of the war contractors supplying the armaments.



The flagrant deception of claiming and camouflaging the fact that the militant jihadist groups are a tool of U.S. foreign policy and claiming that NATO and five Arab Nations, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates must stop ISIS after the CIA armed the group utilizing Saudi and Qatari military cargo aircraft and, along with Al Nusrah, used these militants for several years to attack Bashar Al Assad and cut the heads off of supporters of his government, shows the deadly hypocrisy of the American exceptionalist foreign policy to which Barack Obama so rigidly adheres.

U.S. Special Forces trained ISIS fighters in Jordan. Some would call this the doctrine of hypocrisy and others would say it is just plain criminal. U.S war criminals and Arab petro- monarchy capitalist elite terrorist financer nations now conduct airstrikes in Syria to brutalize civilians including half a dozen victims that include three children who are now dead and certainly many more will die in the days and weeks to follow.

Aren’t these deaths of innocents just as bad as the purported beheadings we have seen of western journalists over and over in the corporate mainstream media to engineer support for yet another deadly futile war?

The corporate war machine that thrives from victimizing innocent civilians and arming proxy groups that later become its enemies sets itself out to do one thing—make enormous profits from war and death. The Pope in 2013 called the Pentagon’s proposed war against Syria a commercial war for arms sales and is now silent.


Mr. William C. Lewis is a journalist, researcher and book collector from Yreka California. He blogs at



(C) William C. Lewis

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  1. The residential building in Aleppo was not inhabited by Al Nusra front. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a prop US/NATO imperialist outfit. They are terrorizing the population. It’s important that we get the message out that no one from ISIS or other terrorist groups are being targeted

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