The Israeli Arms Race

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak says his country will ask for another 20 billion dollars from the United States to modernize Israeli arsenals and maintain what he called its “qualitative progress” in military matters concerning Arab countries.

However, it must first be said that the Zionist state has had an unquestionable “quantitative progress” over its neighbors for several decades, given the nuclear weapons that Israel has developed thanks to Western assistance and advice.

It is very difficult to pin down how many nuclear bombs Israel already has, primarily due to the secrecy that has surrounded its research, barely broken in 1986 by scientist Mordechai Vanunu, who photographed a number of nuclear warheads and managed to publish them in The London Sunday Times.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that, unlike what happens with Iran and North Korea, neither the U.S. nor the European Union put pressure on Tel Aviv, they never imposed any blockade and other restrictions or threatened to use force to open its facilities to inspection by the International Atomic Energy Commission.

Weapons of mass destruction

In the 1990’s, the U.S. intelligence community estimated that Israel had between 75 and 130 available nuclear projectiles, while other organizations, based on the capacity of the Dimona reactor, of French technology, said up to 400.

The fact is they are there, scattered in Jericho type rockets, aircraft and submarines, ready to be fired, and that is a real threat to the entire region, given the volatile and irresponsible role always shown by the Zionist regime.

It is, therefore, a completely futile pretext used by Ehud Barak for requesting a multi-billion dollar U.S. aid package for the supposedly development of Israeli military projects.

In fact, everything seems to point to the rapid changes occurring in the Middle East and North Africa, where Israel has already lost the vast umbrella that Mubarak provided in Egypt, while things are going badly for Tel Aviv’s Jordanian ally, King Abdullah II.

Although it is still too early to gauge what the depth of changes in Egypt may be, nothing will be the same, since the influence of Islamic and anti-Zionist organizations likes the Muslim Brotherhood, will be increased.

If the U.S. and NATO pursue their plans of attacking Libya or, worse, if they commit the folly of arming the opposition of Muammar Gaddafi, they will definitely cause and extent a bloody civil war in that country that would destabilize the whole area.

Therefore, the Israeli government wants to be armed to the teeth since it may be nearing the end of its days to impose its will on that area, with or even without help from the United States.

It cannot be ignored that we are talking about a proven militaristic country, which spends 9% of its gross domestic product in this deadly line, a figure that should not surpass more than two and a half percent, according to experts.

Now, when the world that Israel was accustomed to dealing with is faltering and there is a possible geopolitical balance readjustment, Tel Aviv has no choice but to claim the aid of the hand that fed it for more than half a century, sensing perhaps that it has to survive in blood and fire.


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