The interesting saying on RMB

It is said that the number of people printed in a banknote is the number enough to spend.

“zd-鸵鸟微笑”: so that!

“全球热门搜罗”: The truth dawns on one in a flash.

“三星笔记本官方社区”: Will there be no people on it?

“真毒”: it’s too perspicacious.

“饼槿锡-Suk”: China deed have a big progress.

“蝈女王驾到”: I feel refreshed suddenly.

“黄山天门”: It is consistent with reality.

“zaza跳”: In the future, the 1k RMB don’t print people but a bun, may be it only do that.

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

Ma Xin is an editor of and can be reached at

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