Uncle Sam’s “SOBs” in Seoul: The Ghosts of McCarthyism in the Haunted “Blue House”

In the Bizarro ‘Sheeple’*society of S. Korea, the military/totalitarian dictators have never died but live forever.

The evolution of people toward sheeple blindly following the asshole in front of you 

*Sheeple: a portmanteau/a short word of people and sheep, a derogatory term that highlights the herd mentality of submissive people by likening them a sheep, a herd animal.

“In a free country we punish men for the crimes they commit, but never for the opinions have they.” Harry S. Truman, 1950 Veto of the MacCaran Internal Security Act.

“Park &Co. are kicking my body out of my native land today, but neither would they ever be able to deport my ideology of love on both North and South Koreans from my motherland that I love so much.”  Amy Chung a.k.a. Shin, Eun-Mi

Author’s note:

1.I mean here the “Bizarro society” has a situation where people live in a weirdly inverted or opposite of expectation…that is, S. Koreans, in one hand, brag incessantly about their economic prosperity/worldly prestige/Gangnam-style culture/Freedom of Expression in the 21th Century while, on the other, still entertain an outdated/obsolete/punitive regulations of Anti-Commie Law (NSA 1948 edition) tight on their bosom and tremble/growl/bark at the fellow brothers/sisters with abandon.

A majority of S. Koreans hold the same G.W.Bush’s arguably tired/old diktat: “You are either with us or with enemy, the Northern Brothers/Sisters, period”, and have elected the daughter of the assassinated military dictator as their “El Presidente” who pledges to revive her father’s “Yushin” policy of “New Village Movement” and restores his legacy of ‘anything-goes’ policies against the North Korea, a retarded/half-century-old bullshit.

2.McCarthyism refers here to a play on words, “Jongbuk Drive”, the” McCarthyism in S. Korean style”…in the 50s USA, a drunkard Senator named Joseph McCarthy had yielded an enormous power to accuse/indict/condemn  many people as Commie sympathizers without any substantial evidence in order to suppress opposition. ”

McCarthyism in S. Korean style” became a political neologism popularly used in the diehard/hard-wired conservative media group, ‘Jong-pyun’*, with a new sense describing or understanding that the conservative S. Korean Government utilize/impose the malicious/out-dated clauses of the National Security Law against anyone, opposition party/parliamentarians/ dissidents/peace activists/singers/ authors/poets/professors/Joe Blows, making unfair allegations, using unsubstantiated evidences, and prosecuting those people in order to suppress/restrict the dissent opinion or political criticism.

This is no way to run the country!!

Would the El Presidente jump on a moral white horse and rush to Paris to join 40-something World leaders who gather to march for the defense for the Freedom of Speech after the terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine?

Would she have a bare-naked gall to link her arms with a hypocrite like King Bibi of Israel to march bemoaning the death of cartoonists  while deporting a singer, prosecuting/ jailing a political dissident, and dissolving the progressive party at home?


King Bibi et al world leaders of hypocrisy gather for the freedom of speech at sham rally in Paris 

El Presidente”, renowned with a sobriquet ‘My Way or the High Way’ spinster Queen, declared solemnly in her cabinet meeting days ago that thetalk concert’ by two women is a ‘Jongbuk’ (pro-North) concert…accusing them a pair of pro-North Commie sympathizers.

Problem was that they were already under the prosecutorial investigation of the notorious National Security Law that criminalizes any act of ‘singing a Hallelujah’ in favor of the Northern Brothers. ..

I mean ‘El Presidente’, a darling of the S. Korean neo-cons, was directing the prosecutors to go ahead with accusation, directly intervening /jeopardizing the grand principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ premises and play a role of the presiding judge in the Kangaroo court, ‘ guilty until proven otherwise’ accusing the two women in the violation of the National Security Law.

Under the National Security Law, no S. Korean would ever communicate with Northern Brothers/Sisters whatsoever… so technically the Sunshine Policy (1998-2007) of engagement that the South regimes contacted the Northern Brothers was against the NSL stipulation…and that includes the El Presidente’s visit to Pyongyang in the past when she was a parliamentarian. (It’s anybody’s guessing game why so-called the Civilian Governments after three-decades of Military-controlled regimes were not able to repeal/abolish the draconian NSL).

There are many grey areas in the guidance of the S. Korean Government vis-à-vis North-South discourse/contacts…the old adage of ‘It takes two to tango (pas de deux)” is accepted in anywhere in the world wherever civilized people live.

You couldn’t ever isolated people from your purported enemy tight and secure in order to make/keep people blind and dumb by permitting one and prohibiting another, as if ‘El Presidente’ wished the opening of N/S talk that brings eventually the ‘Jackpot’ to the South economy when the North collapse, while denouncing afore-mentioned two little housewives’ faint voices of peaceful unification campaign.

Some critics say “It’s a romance when you dance with the devil, if others do the same thing, it’s an act of adultery if you don’t give a permission to do it.

That’s exactly a way of running the Government in a totalitarian modus operandi of ‘My Way or the High Way’: as in France, the bullshit champion for the Freedom of Speech, the ideas I like is protected as a free speech (Je Suis Charlie) and the right to persecute the group I dislike be justified (Je Suis Dieudonne).

As always, it’s free speech if it involves ideas I like or it attacks groups I dislike, but it’s something different when I’m the one who is offended.

Dieudonne’s Quenelle (a semaphoric gesture in Reverse Nazi Salute that badmouths the French Jews)


The Freedom of Speech in a pig pen? 

A gaggle of block-headed/die-hard media group called ‘Jong-pyun’* cried in massive hysteria: while freedom of expression and belief must be respected…we should not confuse liberty with a license to jeopardize the national sovereignty.

And El Presidente listened to the ‘Jong-pyun’* and hammered to crack the heads of two petit ideologues that cried out brotherly love between North/South Joe Blows.

And the executioners of McCarthyism in the Prosecutor Office followed her ‘SIC’ EM!’ as an order of a condign punishment , deporting  the Korean-American classic singer  and requesting the arrest warrant of other speaker in violation of the NSL. (Later, the kowtowing Court  issued the arrest warrant for a hapless housewife obediently as usual) 

The El Presidente appears to be rapidly marching backward into the nostalgic past era where her dictatorial father reigned in the 60s/70s when she played a role of the First Lady after her mother got shot and kicked the bucket… recently, she began desperately  to spitting out, like her assassinated father,  a series of rabid/uncompromising/arbitrary/scary expression of vocabularies/phrases/metaphors…

we should send all unnecessary regulations  to the “guillotine”, “officials who oversee the regulations tackle the issues with the indefatigable spirit of ‘Jindo’ dog that the indigenous Korean species would not let go of its prey after it sinks its teeth into the quarry.”

*”Jong pyun” is a political neologism, a blend of words coined after the collective media mouth pieces in Seoul that regurgitates the official stories and the anti-Commie harangues by hard-core neo-cons/know-nothing Northern deserters that shares the same derriere with Fox News outlet in US .

In her New Year press conference, El Presidente defended the NSL that her prosecutor had based their decision to deport the Korean-American singer in violation of the clause # 7, insisting that “in our peculiar situation, where South and North Korea remain locked in a confrontation, we need laws to safeguard our security.

She also repeated her vapid banality that “she has no preconditions for a talk tete-a-tete with Kim the Third”…but urged North Korea to show ‘sincerity’ by embracing international call for an end to build nuclear weapons.

First, El Presidente’s remark was a cordial (read as a dog putting its tail between the hind legs) rebuttal on her overlord, the US State Department spokeswoman’s comment that the NSL has been used to suppress the freedom of speech.

Secondly her ‘no-precondition’ has the condition in which the North has to show sincerity by stopping to build nuclear weapons. In response, the North shows a clear and even-handed condition demanding that the North would place a temporary moratorium on testing the nuclear weapons system if South and the USFK (United States Force in Korea) reciprocate by suspending the US-S. KOREA joint military exercises.

And all the fuss about the rapprochement between North and South Korea disappears in a fog of innuendo, suggestion, counter-offer, tit-for-tat, blah-blah-blah, when Uncle Sam made a series of stupid kerfuffle between two kids all stop, by solemnly declaring that “it was inappropriate to link North Korean nuclear tests, banned under United Nations resolution to its annual joint military drills with its South Korean ally, which it described as routine.”

Oh Boy! What a joke!

Voila!  The Hegemon Barks!

Here unmistakably and decisively, Uncle Sam, the Hegemon of the world, tells El Presidente who the boss is…”

You people S. Koreans voted you an El Presidente, but you ain’t have no power to execute, ‘cause you let me have your military operational control under my supervision for over half a century.”

And bemused El Presidente turned her sense of humiliation and took a retaliatory target against the scheintot*

Progressive movements, shouting loudly that “different nations have different situation” and she has the sole responsibility to enforce the law of the nation, the NSL…she wanted to show her sheeple* about her unrestrained toughness/gaudiness/brashness that her assassinated father of “President for Life” had exercised during the dark era of “Yushin” military dictatorship:

make no mistake about me! As old saying goes that ‘Like Father, Like Son’, I inherit all of genes/memes from my dear dad, General Park Chung Hee. And Uncle Sam has no problem with me, because I am ‘their SOB’ as my father was.

El Presidente was never in her entire life a salaried/average working woman who struggles to jump on a hectic Joe’s life every day and night in order to keep her head above water…up until now for sixty-something years, she’s been cocooned in a silver bubble bag all the time surrounded by ‘Yes, Ma’am’ courtiers and never shared her bed routinely as if a married couple with someone that differs from her egotism/jealousy/aloofness… in other words, she has lived her life like a princess in the fantasy world that formed her disposition/character/behavior where average Joe Blows only may be able to entertain while they are in the arm of Morpheus.

And in worst scenario she got the parental guidance from her dictatorial father who got shot/killed by his dearest confidante…in other words, she is more a carbon-copy/a dead ringer/a co-conspirator of the assassinated General  to corral a herd of the S. Koreanpeople into the pen for shearing (read as transforming people into a sheeple*).

*’scheintot’ in German means still living but left for fragmented/half-dead while sapping its strength. 

The Epiphany of ‘Yushin’ Ghosts

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Uncle Sam’s “SOBs” 

The Ghosts of McCarthyism in S. Korean version began to manifest in the form of witch hunt  in 2014 and resulted in the variety of deportation/prosecution/detention against the progressive lefties in the Lunar Year of Sheep and it seems that the Ghost incarnates are going to have a field day in the coming years until El Presidente  signs off from the haunted Blue House … in the third year of El Presidente era after decades of hiatus since the end of Army Generals regimes segued leisurely into the civilian-run governments of ‘Gauche caviar’ regimes run by Kim/Roh and followed by a groveling comprador petite bourgeoisie, Lee  the Mickey Mouse who made beaucoup bucks serving the ‘Chaebol’ …the Park Government, ‘an agent of Gangnam-style *democracy’ petitioned in 2014, in reminiscent of her father’s judicial murder of Eight innocent members of People’s Revolutionary Party,  to dissolve the Unified Progressive Party in the Constitution Court that was packed with a gaggle of conservative Judges appointed by former President of comprador business manager, and won the verdict to disembowel the Progressive Circle by robbing the Parliament seats of the Party members whom people elected in due course…it’s a soft form of judicial extermination by El Presidente.

And in the beginning of New Year of Sheep, she jumped on the band wagon for a full press court to place a chokehold once and for all on the few Progressive-minded fellas like Shin, Hwang, Lim, Lee, and coincidentally they all are females like El Presidente.

*the Gangnam-style refers to the S. Korean Sheeple’s national aspirations to chase after man-made/corrupt rainbow of prosperity, materialism, greed, fantasy, ego, et al that were piped into the Sheeple’s mind via over half century of Uncle Sam’s venal neo-colonial policies.

Today’s onslaught on the Progressive movement was executed by the elite team of the El Presidente’s secretariat at the Blue House that was staffed exclusively by the former prosecutors/lawyers/mandarins from the Justice Department…the Chief of Staff is the former prosecutor (assigned specifically  to catch/punish the alleged Commies/dissidents) during her father’s reign where he later  played a role of drafting theYushin’ Constitutional Reform that guaranteed her father for the life-time dictatorship and transformed  the authoritarian  regime into a totalitarian dictatorship that is, El Presidente’s office has been inundated with live/breathing  McCarthyite incarnates since her inauguration two years ago.

(The Chief has been dubbed as a Prince Regent to hold sway over the entire state affairs on behalf of El Presidente who has been noted with the lack of finesse/ideology/manner except for her unrivaled/bottomless/revengeful ego that was nurtured by her father.)

El Presidente,  threadbare in accomplishment for the past two-year reign and almost bare-naked in the in-fighting scandal among her supporters,  desperately needed to corral the ga-ga support of the die-hard followers of her father, an over-the-hill stragglers of Vietnam War Veterans/the fascistic  group of Northern deserters/the regional sectarians from her birthplace who look back nostalgically over “the Miracle on the Han River”…a miracle that materialized with the sleazy/filthy/mercenary lucre paid by the hundreds of thousands of soldiers/comfort women/forced laborers/military prostitutes for the USFK of the sacrificial lambs (sheeple) and claimed/reaped  shamelessly a fame/honor/respect/reward by Generals, Chaebols, apparatchiks, fly-by-nighters in the Rogue’s Gallery at the ‘Yushin’ era.

In an obvious response to her call for help that metastasized into a full blown anti-Commie hullabaloo, an eighteen-year-old paranoid boy threw a fire-bomb at the talk show by afore-mentioned two ladies…and those fascist gangs of the Northern deserters demanded Ms Shin/Hwang be deported to Pyongyang to enjoy the life of Gulag…and the fire-bomber to be designated a national hero

One irony here is that thousands of erstwhile Northern deserters deserted again from the economic predicament they faced in Seoul and showed up in Canada, USA, and other Western countries to claim the UN sanctioned refugee status…and they got repatriated again to S. Korea when they were found that the claimants were an economic refugees from the dog-eat-dog capitalist society where they initially sought after as the lifetime sanctuary.

In other words, the Northern deserters have been forced to becoming either a handyman for neo-con fascist clan in the South or a vagabond stragglers loitering endlessly around the world in search for a place to life.  Like a Chinese old saying goes: ‘To kill few chickens to scare away the monkeys’, the Ghosts of McCarthyism slaughtered few chicks and the monkeys got the message that Seoul returned again to the dark age of ‘Yushin’ autocracy El Presidente has been longing for years…the return of the glorious ‘Yushin’ era in the 70s when her father smashed/maimed/killed any form of dissidence under the banner of ‘New Village Movement.”

And the South Korean sheeple chickened out, clammed up, groveled on all four, and kowtowed in awe and shock, and kept up their daily chores, as if nothing happened.

Oy vey! Let the S. Korean Sheeple wallow in their imbecile foolishness.


Mr. Dale Han is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.

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