The Full War US Aggression against Korea from 1950 to ’53, An Entirely Criminal Exercise in Mass Murder

The full war USGov aggression against Korea from 1950 to ’53, waged under the false colors of the United Nations, was an entirely criminal exercise in mass murder, successfully undertaken via the misguidance of all-time boss war monger Bernard Baruch, the Second King of the Jews, with the purpose of jump-starting the permanent war economy of the U.S. capitalist empire.

Baruch had risen to supreme, albeit somewhat disguised, power via controlling U.S. entry into the Great War, abusing for that end his creature Woodrow Wilson, and then subsequently concocting the Atomic War through his successor instrument, President-for-Life Franklin Roosevelt, the cryptic cripple.

The returned menace of peacetime, from BB’s POV, threatened to throw JAPE or the JewAmerican Planetary Empire straight back into the “Great Depression” from witch BB via FDR had extricated it only through the brilliancy of systematically provoking the doomed Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

With the left hand of Dean Acheson for enticement, therefore, and the right hand of U.S-operated commando attack squads for provocation, JAPE tricked the great Korean leader Kim Il-sung into trying to unify his ancient nation by wiping away the puppet regime in the south under Syngman Rhee PhD (Princeton, 1910), the latter a total tool for the US empire whose first qualification for “presidency” of Korea was his fluency in English resulting from his decades-long residency in the USA*.

There is some ironic justification for the propaganda term “Korean Police Action” in that the Korean patriots centered in the north were actually fighting mere JAPE criminals rather than far more dignified national adversaries, as had been the case worldwide in previous millennia, as for example in the Franco-British and other wars of Napoleon’s era.

The same consideration applies to the victorious Vietnamese and to all other armed opponents of JAPE.

Today we are facing GREPA or a “Global Revolutionary Police Action”. Spread consciousness of this primary human activity like butter on your toast?

By Mr. Hal Womack



* WIKI (citing Bruce Cumings): [After the Surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945, Rhee was flown (from the U.S. to Hawai) to Tokyo aboard a US military aircraft….

On April 28, 1960 a DC-4 belonging to the United States Central Intelligence Agency, piloted by Capt. Harry B. Cockrell, Jr and operated by Civil Air Transport, covertly flew the 84 year-old Rhee out of South Korea as protesters converged on the Blue House.]

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