The Fight against “BANKSTERS” or a Bomb under America?


After the financial crisis of 2008-2009, there were constant “nagging attacks” on the U.S. banking system. It all started with the action of the billionaire Michael Bloomberg against the Federal Reserve System, who demanded the disclosure of information about how much and to which banks the Federal Reserve gives credit.

Then a storm arose in the U.S. Congress, when the “people’s representatives”, suddenly emboldened, demanded restrictions on the powers of the Federal Reserve.

And some of them (like Ron Paul) have long been calling for the complete elimination of this organization. America has not seen this for almost a century since the creation of the Federal Reserve in December 1913.

Even President Obama has allowed himself sometimes to be sharply critical in statements addressed to the banks. Finally, last year in various cities in America, like mushrooms after the rain, protest groups appeared under the name “Occupy Wall Street»…
Information event on CNBC 25/10/2012

And at the end of October this year, another loud campaign in the U.S. against the banks reached awareness.

On October 25, 2012 a major news agency, CNBC, attracted the attention of the world’s leading media to the largest claim of money laundering and racketeering in U.S. history, by which “banksters” (a new word formed by joining the words “banker” and “gangster”) and their partners are accused of dishonestly obtaining income of $ 43 trillion through racketeering.

The lawsuit said that the case involves officials at the highest levels in the U.S. government and the financial sector.

As the Obama administration did not pursue a criminal prosecution of a single one of the “banksters” and in fact borrowed money from them for the Obama campaign, the national homeowners group of plaintiffs’ which initiated the lawsuit, was forced to extend the lawsuit to include racketeering, money laundering and willful violations of sanctions against the Iran Sanctions Act by national banks, and included “banksters” among the number of defendants.

The list of alleged conspirators included: Attorney General Eric Holder, Assistant Attorney General Tony West, a former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, a former finance minister and one of the banksters Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Vikram Pandit (recently resigned disgraced CEO of Citigroup), a senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, a former “director of communications” in the Obama administration, Anita Dunn, the husband of Anita Dunn and General Counsel of Obama’s election campaign, Robert Bauer, and numerous “banksters,” their affiliates and trustees.

A collective petition was prepared by the law firm Spire Law Group, LLP.

Once this information surprisingly surfaced in major world news, suspicious events began to occur. After a few hours the internet page which housed the material was removed, and the senior vice president of CNBC Kevin Krim received the news that his children had been killed under suspicious circumstances.

This CNBC information and murder of Kevin Krim`s children became the major “news” in America in October. Amazingly, the commentaries were not followed up. The major “news” disappeared from the news reports in 2-3 days. And then the silence was complete…

The statement of the Spire Law Group petition: possible motives and objectives.

It is worth trying to understand the motives and purposes of filing the petition. In initiating a class action lawsuit the firm Spire Law Group, LLP, has in my opinion, the following motives and objectives:

1. A PR-action by the legal team to “roll out” the brand of the company.

2. Organization of mass protests against the criminal activities of the banking system of the USA and a number of key politicians and government officials working in cahoots with the bankers.

3. To positively influence the course and results of the U.S. presidential election.

4. Collection of money from gullible customers by the law firm.

5. Various combinations of these motives and objectives.

If the correct version is 1 and 4, the initiator of the whole action is being performed by a group of lawyers representing the company. If the correct version is 2 and 3, then the law firm acted only on the orders of external individuals and organizations.

Let us consider some details of the story.

1. The Senior vice president of CNBC, whose children have been killed, is not responsible for making decisions about the placement and removal of information materials. He is responsible for technical issues (digital information technologies).

2. Before 2012, the Legal Company Spire Law Group, LLP was little known in the U.S. Even today we know very little about it. Until April 2012, the company had a different name: Mitchell J.Stein & Associates LLP.

If you dig in the official documents of Mitchell J.Stein & Associates LLP, it turns out that for over 150 years (according to other sources – for over 200 years), it served the banking and financial elite of the United States.

Back in 2011, the company reported on its website that it has experience of working with 350 banks and financial institutions. The company was fairly closed, and did not work with “people. There was a fairly sharp reversal in the direction of “the people”, taxpayers and ordinary bank customers, after the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

3. The class action lawsuit, composed by Spire Law Group can be seen by anyone, as it is posted on the Internet. The statement of the petition contains several hundred pages. ‘

Although I am not a lawyer, I can see that it does not look like a legal document, but rather is like a political document. In getting a grasp on the petition, you start to understand, that the document is to say the least, sloppy. It is hard to believe that it was created by the company, which claims on its website, that it has over two centuries of experience in legal practice.

Money laundering

The claim is repeated in various combinations, but the idea remains the same: “The money of the customers of U.S. banks that have received mortgages go abroad to offshore company accounts established by U.S. banks, and there it is” laundered “.” However, in reality things are, rather the opposite.

Cash money from the world drug mafia is deposited in accounts of U.S. banks, meaning that the U.S. banking system is the largest “laundry” in the world. U.S. banks accumulate this “dirty” money through a network of branches and subsidiaries operating in different parts of the world.

According to the UN Department of drugs and organized crime, during the recent crisis, the drug mafia placed almost $ 400 billion of “dirty” money in bank deposits.

Every banker knows that one dollar of cash placed on deposit allows the bank to create a few new non-cash dollars in loans out of “thin air.”

So the mortgages that the U.S. banks handed out generously in the past decade created new, “clean” dollars by “washing”, “dirty” money from the world drug mafia. The money that U.S. banks collected from recipients of mortgage loans (initial fees, interest payments, repayment of principal) are crumbs compared to the hundreds of billions of new bank money.

In addition, these funds were initially “clean”. It was not necessary to “Launder” them. A Law firm that has experience working with large banks would know such truths.

The largest “laundering” scandal in U.S. history is the scandal surrounding the HSBC bank. This is a bank that does not belong to the Wall Street group, it is European. In fact, it is under the control of the Rothschilds. The latest news is that the U.S. government and HSBC Bank have agreed to “amicably” resolve this unpleasantness.

The Bank paid to the U.S. Treasury $ 1.5 billion in fines for its operations with “dirty” money. But this is a drop in the ocean against the billions and trillions of transactions with “dirty” money that the same U.S. banks conduct outside the United States, including offshore.

How much money is offshore?

The authors claim is completely at odds with the numbers. The claim amounts to 43 billion dollars. Compare it with some other figures on the U.S. economy (trillions of dollars at today`s current prices):

GDP (annualized) – 15.0;

The national debt – 16.1;

Arrears on mortgage loans – 13.1;

Federal budget spending – 3.5;
Cash in circulation – 2.6;

The total money supply (cash + bank money) -10.0

Therefore, the legal firm representing the interests of mortgage loan debtors, is receiving demands from banks amounting to more than three times the total debt of the millions of customers who received mortgages.

Moreover, it represents no more than one thousand recipients of mortgage loans. The total debt of this group of people cannot be calculated in trillions, but only in hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Law firm, Spire Law Group explains that with this specific lawsuit it is trying to return all the money of the clients of U.S. banks and U.S. taxpayers that have been sent offshore by U.S. banks.

Indeed, U.S. banks have removed offshore a lot of money from the U.S. economy. First of all, in order to avoid paying taxes themselves and also to provide these services to their wealthy clients.

And how much money has accumulated in offshore areas and territories around the world? In the summer of 2012 an authoritative assessment by the NGO Tax Justice Network, which deals with the illegal export of capital offshore, was promulgated.

According to its data, there are at least $21 trillion and a maximum of $ 32 trillion accumulated in offshore conditions. Apparently, even the maximum estimate of the Tax Justice Network is significantly less than the amount contained in the statement of the Spire Law Group.

Offshore funds are held by legal entities and private individuals, not only from the U.S. but from many other countries. Moreover for U.S. companies, it has until recently been much more difficult to move to an offshore tax haven than for companies in many other countries.

The astronomical sums contained in the statement of claim, show only that the authors of the document are not particularly bothered about logic and elementary mathematics. The astronomical numbers are needed, apparently, in order to effectively influence the emotions of a wider audience.

This is not a lawsuit, but a political bomb

So what is behind the events of October 25, 2012?

Today in America each year so-called “mortgage confiscations” take place, which number in the hundreds of thousands. As a result, millions of Americans are on the street. People are looking for ways to counter the onslaught of the banks. Collective and individual lawsuits against the banks are being filed more and more often.

According to the Financial Times, published in September this year, the estimated number of plaintiffs over mortgage loans may increase to 100 thousand and the banks can end up paying a lot for overly aggressive actions that took place in the period between 1 January 2009 and 31 December 2010.

Among the banks that will have to pay compensation, may be such financial giants as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, HSBC, MetLife Bank, PNC Mortgage, and Wells Fargo. The banks may be forced to pay each of the claimants from $ 500 to $ 125 thousand for their mistakes. Perhaps even return property previously expropriated by the bank.

Against the background of traditional litigation, this document prepared Spire Law Group, looks more like a political declaration, intended for active “promotion” in the media. It is unlikely that the U.S. courts will take the “lawsuit” into consideration. The  CNBC news agency was to make the first “shot”, and other media outlets were to join the “fighting”.

But something fell through at the last moment, the CNBC article was removed from the site, and the attack was canceled. Apparently, this is the result of another compromise between the competing groups of global elite, made at the last minute (or, conversely, in the first moment of the war.)

The events surrounding the Spire Law Group lawsuit is a bizarre combination of the manifestation of the objective processes in American society and the subjective efforts of the global elite to “ride” in their own interests, the protest mood of Americans.

In the U.S., a critical mass of energy is accumulating in protest against greedy Wall Street banks, against the “puppets” in the White House and government corruption, against the corrupt Republican and Democratic parties, against the inhuman capitalist system as a whole.

Note also the attempts of the global elite to control the power of popular protest and direct it in the right direction. The statement of the Spire Law Group lawsuit somehow reminds me of what started in America in 2011, a very “muddy” movement known as “Occupy Wall Street.” This movement, according to informed sources, is sponsored and supported by the politically well-known financial speculator and Rothschild agent George Soros.

Formally, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement was anti-capitalist in nature, but in fact, the weakening of the U.S as a single state caused a change in the balance of power in the world in favor of the Rothschilds and a weakening of the Rockefellers group.

The statement of the Spire Law Group lawsuit was conceived in order for many of the millions of Americans who are in a noose of debt to mortgage lenders and have become desperate to take action. This is a much more serious power than the hundreds or even thousands of disparate members of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.


Valentin KATASONOV | Strategic Culture Foundation

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