The entire 310 million Americans will be forcefully deported into two narrow but roughly rectangular territories – walled, fenced, blockaded and road-blocked!

Let’s do a thought experiment! Why? Come to think of it: The majority of U.S. congressional ass-lickers of Israel pressure Obama towards military action confronting Iran. Netanyahu’s pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC staged a coup once again to line-up the American government into fighting a proxy war of aggression, this time against Israel’s bitter enemy Iran.

For the brown-nosed American public it is too late to implement less corrupt U.S. governance, but who will be expert at regime change and in redrawing the American map?

American conspiracy theorists will feel baffled when their country is taken over by an international army under command of the U.N. and the entire 310 million Americans are forcefully deported into two narrow but roughly rectangular territories – walled, fenced, blockaded and road-blocked! What will America look like broken up into a duo of stripe-states?

Pretty much like the divided two parts of Palestine look, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip! This break-up will make the two American stripes ready for the 22nd century, when small will be the new big!

Smaller-is-better and stripes are fashionable in these meager recession-times. The Northern American stripe will be wedged between Canada and the former U.S. of A., and the Southern American stripe borders Mexico. The Northern and Southern stripes resemble on closer inspection two XX-Long worm-like voting districts in racially segregated America, where everyone votes on ethnic lines. The voting results are usually falsified and the election winner is decided by a corrupt U.S. Supreme Court.

In a reference to Obama’s African heritage, the two stripes look strikingly similar to the two narrow banks along the Gambia River in West Africa which make up the state of Gambia, with breeding grounds for swarms of flies, which keep fly-Terminator Obama busy one blow at a time.

The world’s population is ready to violate America’s most basic right in the name of fighting U.S. terrorism! All American-guns will be confiscated, including those of state militias, turning the American stripes into two pitiful archipelagoes of defenselessness. No state (listen-up Texas!) can reserve the right to secede from the two stripes, because states no longer exist! As if by a dictate from Allah the separation into stripes will help ease tensions between the North and the South of bygone America! Just as ’liberal’ Americans claim that Palestinians don’t need their own state; some people might suggest that a Northern and a Southern stripe will do for Yankees!

Watch towers, barbed wire and gunner positions will make it more palatable for Americans to perfect the art of sitting it out in the stripes during the next two centuries. They will be sentenced to 200 years inside the American stripes for pulling off their enormous offenses worldwide. The sentence is warranted by the extraordinary dimensions of their crimes.

It‘s time for retribution, not reflection, and the very act of deportation, however violent, will be seen by the non-American world-population as purely defensive. No more bombing of other countries Americans cannot pronounce and cannot find on a map! The stripes will be the geo-political punishment for dozens of wars of aggression, global espionage at universities and for causing the world financial system to collapse under the American Ponzi-debt.

This debt was built up by decades of American addiction to debt, of no-money-down home-loans and shopping on credit-cards only. Americans borrow from Peter to pay Paul; they borrow from China to pay the interest on their loans from Arab countries, Japan and Korea and Russia!

Along the roughly 4.000 mile border with Canada, 155 million Americans or half of the U.S. population will need only a 3.5-mile wide stripe to live with a population density of 4.270 Americans per square kilometer, comparable to the Palestinian population density in the Gaza Strip! Along the 2.200 miles of the Mexican border a less than 7-mile wide stripe will be sufficient for the other half of the Americans at an equal population density.

Revenge is never a straight line and therefore the stripe’s barriers will be made of huge metal plates and concrete walls with barbed wire on top. Thousands of U.N. border guards from Afghanistan, Algeria, China, Cuba, Egypt, Gaza, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen will be deployed along the entire stretch of the borders.

The world loves America so much that everyone will be happy to see two stripped down Americas. The humanitarian situation in the two American stripes inside tent cities with no running water, no sewers or electricity and not enough to eat for the coming ten generations will be exactly as it should be. Human Rights Watch will certainly negotiate on American behalf that neither Canada nor Mexico will fire too many white phosphorus hate-fireworks into the densely populated American stripes and turn them into ashtrays.

Overt displays of misplaced patriotism with the old gory American flag will not be tolerated and might be avenged by torturous waterboarding, because the country is no longer theirs. Only flags wrapped around XX-Tall dunce hats of a new design with two stars for the two American stripes will be permitted! As a symbol the two-star flag represents lost sovereignty of the Americans run off their former country – not unlike American Indians who were concentrated at gunpoint into reservations in the awful history of America!

Have you heard? Everyone’s favorite duo of America-stripes has gotten new names! Giving way to America’s love for acronyms, ugly U.S.A. has been stripped down and re-initialized into N.A.S.T.Y.-A.S.S.: “Northern American Stripe Territory” and “American Southern Stripe”. The new America – the can’t-do nation!

In my what-if story of a world seeking justice, a shove to history has been made, bringing an end to pro-American propaganda from every movie screen: A preventive regime change for the U.S., a new drawn map, a new designed flag and a new name for America! Let’s be a bit recession-tightfisted and make the Americans re-use the evil lyrics of their old national anthem. Why? Because the ’star-spangled banner’ is all about bombs and war and bloodshed – values commonly associated with Americans!

No more revisionist interpretations of American history necessary! That‘s the end of American history as the world has known it – built on a foundation of native American gravestones! No more violent demonstrations with burning U.S. flags and signs reading “Death to America!” Two-star dunce hats and T-shirts with N.A.S.T.Y.-A.S.S. America imprints will be the new fashion manifestation at demonstrations around the globe, bringing disgrace and shame to the ass-lickers in America!

And what will happen to the worldwide victims of American aggression and Ponzi-debt? The U.N. will declare to seize power in America, exert its claim to rule America and will entitle the victims to claim ownership of America. The victims are promised by the U.N. to live happily forever on their free land for the taking – in the apartments, houses and backyards of the expelled Americans!

The new owners of America will also build new settlements on hilltops with million dollar views – inside the American stripes of course! The new stripe-settlers are entitled by the U.N. to 80% of the drinking water in the A.S.S., the arid American Southern Stripe – the remaining 20% water shall trickle down to the Stripe-Americans! Americans take notice: criticizing the expanding settlements into the American stripes will not be helpful at all if the expelled Stripe-Americans fantasize about a peace process with the new owners of America!

Every journey begins with the first step! It’s going to be a long march through poverty and misery into the sorrow of the American-Stripes, comparable to Mao Tse Tung’s long march into the caves of Northern China in the 1940s! But let’s come back to Palestine and the America’s unsurpassed prejudice and its foul spittle spraying the air with white phosphorous hate!

I am trained in the analysis of arcane satellite images! I am an Enemy of the State! I have been a long-term illegal alien on American soil! I am an investigative citizen-journalist with an accidental C.I.A. background! I am pulling a chair up to a global debate!


Dr. H.R. Goetting

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