The End of Excesses. The Collapse of Everything  

As physiology, the science of life, has proven many times, all things, when driven to the limits of excess – and beyond – will collapse. History is living proof. Empires of the past disappeared, because greed for power and possession had no limits.

It looks like we are reaching this point now quickly. This time on a worldwide basis. The western empire, led by Anglosaxonia, is intent to become a globalist One World Order (OWO). For that purpose, Mother Earth is literally being weaponized.  

This is clearly ignoring the limits of reason, the limits of nature – it enters the realm of criminal Excesses and beyond. Those who respect no limits, drive the limits of reason further and further into the field of Excesses – are accelerating the process of collapse.

But they don’t know it. They are drunk by their exuberance of limitless arrogance and accumulation of power and goods.  

Technology that could be used for the good of mankind, is in the hands of a diabolical clan. You may call it Death Cult. In the past, empires had control over limited areas within parts of the world, expanding them, their intent of limitless expansion reached the level of Excesses and eventually their collapse.

The Roman Empire is a typical example. 

Today control over 193 UN member states (194 for WHO) has been prepared for maybe as long as 100 years – or more. What used to be the United Nations (UN), the surveyor of Peace, has been compromised and corrupted by those in power.

We are talking about invisible corporate finance and people, way above the WEF, WHO, FED, the European Union, the entire UN system — with unfathomable and ill-begotten wealth that can “buy”, blackmail or “else”, literally everything, at their will. 

Excessive greed, controlling “War and Peace”, creating “Killing Fields” – is reaching a breaking point. The commanding masters may appear shiny and legal, when visible, but are dark and sinister, when underground.

A reminder of this cult may be the lyrics of the 1977 Eagles song, “Hotel California”. See / listen to this . 

The UN has become subordinate to the World Economic Forum, in fact it executes the WEF’s orders and is slated to become the de facto “puppet” government in a potentially new OWO. “Potentially” is the key. There is still time for Us, the People, to renege. 

There is time to start afresh – yes, exit the current system, the matrix, and start on a clean slate, following the principles of German-born British economist, Ernst Friedrich Schumacher, “Small is Beautiful”.

Essentially it means in today’s world, “local production for local consumption, with local money, administered by local public banking systems – and trading to the extent possible with neighboring and / or likeminded societies.” 

What Henry Kissinger said some 50 years ago, is today more valid than ever: Who controls the food supply, controls the people; who controls the energy, can control whole continents; who controls money, can control the world.  

Today you may add: Who controls the weather and climate, controls the entire Planet Earth, people, food, energy, money and Nature. 

We have reached this Excess moment, where the powers that be may control the weather and call it climate change, so that people continue believing that they are responsible with their environmental footprint – “man-made fossil fuel-based CO2 emissions” – of ruining Mother Earth.  

Therefore, they must be punished, with absolute control, with “sanctioning”, say, punishment if they do not behave according to an imposed set of values of the New World Order (NOW – identical to OWO).  

Absolute technologies” with no limits to Excesses have been quietly developed over the past 50 to 100 years – or more, while we were asleep, or duped to believe, that climate change will wipe us out, if we do not abandon the use of hydrocarbons; almost the only source of energy (close to 90%) that has allowed humankind to develop, to industrialize, to overall improve our standard of living – but also to accumulate unsane riches – Excesses beyond reason. 

Excesses – today at the breaking point; a collapse or collapses are imminent. 

Putting hydrocarbons (oil, gas and coal) into context – today they still provide the basis for about 85% of all energy used, not much different from some 20 to 30 years ago, when they accounted for about 90% of total energy use. Yet, with this “dirty” energy, man-made CO2 amounts to less than 0.5% of all CO2 – most of CO2 is emitted by the seas and the soil.  

CO2 is a vital gas, without it, no life exists on earth. CO2 is absorbed by plants, by rain forests around the globe – which, in turn, release Oxygen, the lifeblood of all sentient beings. By excessive and corrupted media power, our compromised western governments dupe us into believing otherwise. 

Back to “absolute technologies”, HAARP is one of them. HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Not only can HAARP produce deadly hurricanes, freezing winters, dry and crop destroying heat waves and similarly excessively flooding – all destructive rains, but HAARP can also produce fatal all-devastating and death bringing earthquakes.  

While there is no solid proof yet, it is highly probable that HAARP caused the recent Turkey-Syria earthquake, that hit south-eastern Turkey, close to the Syrian border, in the early morning hours of 6 February 2023, with three major shockwaves within less than 12 hours – main tremor of 7.8 Richter, followed by 6.5 and 7.5 quakes.

As of this writing, more than 36,000 people died, and more than 500,000 were injured. – See this for more details . 

HAARP technology might also be used to melt polar ice and flood continents to an unrecognizable level of destruction of life, infrastructure, food – everything.

See this from TeleSUR . 

 It is the WEF’s, Globalists’ and UN Agenda’s 2030 unabashed plan to abolish the old and rebuild a new world with a vastly reduced population, towards a neo-fascism, where other than the reigning elite, survivors own nothing, but are happy.

If they follow the rule-based tyranny’s orders, they get everything they need. If they fail to obey orders, they may starve or be “disappeared” by other means. 

Such “Excesses” may be technically possible but will not materialize. 

The Excesses of Control and Obedience – obeying would not stop by following orders, but your thoughts are not allowed to sway from the given principles – no freedom of thought. No aspiration of “freedom”. 

Mind control technology has existed for many years. It was a DARPA-developed program, also called “MK-Ultra”. DARPA is a semisecret Pentagon thinktank. It stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.    

Mind control was discussed in a special session at the 2023 WEF in Davos. But the discussion went way beyond mind-control. Duke University Professor Nita Farahany discussed and described the current state of mind-monitoring technology.  

The WEF and its masters foresee a future where people’s thoughts can be controlled – and depending on how they fit into the Matrix’s dictate, the bearer of “unacceptable” thoughts may be punished. – See this . 

These are Excesses beyond tolerance of the master mind of life science, or physiology.  

They will not come to fruition – but it’s important to know that apparently technology for such Excesses exist. 

The unbelievable Excesses of America waging war against her closest ally, Europe. America is at war with Europe – see this . 

At the outset, Europe is America’s closest ally, but also her most powerful vassal – 500 million people, as compared to the 330,000 US inhabitants; and a GDP that threatens to overtake the faltering US economy.  

To combat this for decades lingering and growing threat to the US of A, the European economy must be destroyed. And it is happening with the full participation of the European governments, to the detriment of the European people – and most of these people are still under the illusion their governments are trustworthy and would never do what they are doing – help America destroy their livelihoods.  

In amazing detail, US journalist Seymour Hersh describes – based on insider information – How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline – which happened in September 2022; about seven months after the start of Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine, after at least eight years of endless NATO and EU provocation. See this

Supposedly this act of state terror, or outright Act of War, was a reaction to what in the western mainstream lie-jargon is called the Russian invasion of Ukraine and was meant to punish Russia by preventing them from further selling “cheap” gas to Europe, thus fueling Europe’s competitive economy.  

But Hersh’s account omits important details. Ordered by Washington, Germany had canceled finalizing Nord Stream Pipeline 2 way before the undersea gas-ducts were blown up. At that time, international gas prices rose by 8%, since the world at large was thirsty for the now “freed” Russian gas. So, Russia had no shortage of demand. 

On the other hand, Europe, whose economy depends to 40% on Russian gas, was set de facto on a course of massive de-industrialization. Sort of an economic suicide? – Yes, indeed, and this, because it happened with full knowledge of the EU leadership (sic).

This “leadership” almost throughout all EU countries, consists of scholars from Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders (YGL) “Academy” – We are proud having been able to infiltrate with our YGLs governments around the world – Klaus Schwab’s recent words. 

German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, also a Schwab scholar, knew way in advance about the planned blow-up of the Nord Stream Pipelines. And so did Ursula von der Leyen, unelected President of the EU Commission in Brussels, who is also a member of the WEF’s Board of Trustees.

Scholz, von der Leyen, and most likely more of the EU key politicians, gave their consent to Washington’s Nord Stream I and II destruction. But it was not brought to the German and EU citizen’s attention.  

Why not? 

And why did Sy Hersh not mention it in his otherwise well covered article? 

As the brilliant journalist he is, he knew. Is he controlled opposition – so that nobody will even begin questioning the integrity of Scholz, von der Leyen et al? 

See this explanation and completion of Sy Hersh’s analysis by Mike Whitney .   

The participation of Europe in this crime against people is beyond words. The falsehood of Europe, of European politicians has no name.

Their collective and constant lying and betrayal of half a billion people, plus an economy that is linked to another 2.5 – 3 billion people – thus affecting the lives of these people – is way beyond anything that could simply be called betrayal. 

Will these horrendous “Excesses” ever be punished? 

The collapse of the western system may be the punishment. 
And the innocent European people, who will suffer? 

Are they really so innocent? 

Haven’t they known all along that something is wrong, that they are being cheated? 

But out of comfort and for the love of easy life they have let it go – ever more and more? 


The size of this monstrosity may be way beyond conventional punishment but falls into the category of those seemingly boundless Excesses, that may help trigger a collapse.  

A system’s collapse in favor of the people? 

In favor of the people, only if, We the People, finally grab the opportunity as awakened, responsible humans to carry our history forward in an ascent to a higher consciousness.

A new beginning, but not à la WEF-Reset, but rather waking up to the “new” reality of people-betraying governments around the globe, an awakening to the threatening tyranny envisaged by these governments, led by the WEF and its masters, to enslave us all.  
We can still stop it. 

By not playing along; by starting alternative societies, à la “Small is Beautiful” – see above.
There are the tremendous Covid Excesses
, a fear-farse prepared well in advance, already in the making for at least half a century, described in the 2010 Rockefeller Report with the first phase called “The Lockstep Scenario”, followed by many secret preparatory meetings under the wings of WHO; then the Event 201, of October 2019 in NYC – a desktop simulation of the corona “outbreak” that was to follow a couple of months later. 

Worldwide, all 193 UN member countries (194 WHO), simultaneously, were ordered in lockstep – to the detriment of a fear-trembling world population – into lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing. There was no way out, as the entire world was under the spell of the Death Cult. 

The fake covid plague was followed by an equally false, but deadly mRNA, DNA-altering vaxx-drive, an experimental craze of utter submission, blackmail, coercion – and the severest punishment for those who opted out.

Discrimination, Apartheid style – the non-vaxxed were not allowed to enter restaurants, theatres and public spaces in general. 

Worldwide about 70% of population were vaxxed – different types of experimental injections, with different injury and death results, including aggressive cancers attacking reproductive organs, infertility – massive birthrate reduction, myocarditis, heart failures and sudden deaths. 

A perfect depopulation agenda. As of today, many people do not see it, or do not want to see it, out of fear, or simply as denial of their own failure of ignoring the writing on the wall? 

Today, hardly two years into the wax-drive most western countries see massive excess-death statistics. In 2020, the first year of propagated “heavy outbreaks” of covid, death statistics were not only stable, but in some countries, they were lower than in 2017, a year of severe flu.  

By 2022, the second year into vaccination, excess deaths on account of the toxic jabs, are amounting from 15% to 25% per country, or more. According to Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP and Chief Science Officer, this is only the beginning.

Heavy dying may occur 3-5 years into vaxxing, or between 5 to 10 years after receiving up to 3 or 4 boosters, each one drastically reducing human immunity.  

So, vaxxed people will become vulnerable to many diseases which would have been discarded with a well-functioning immune system. 

These Excesses of biblical proportions have brought about a worldwide economic collapse – differing between the global north and the global south, leading to poverty – famine – diseases – and death. 

The US / NATO / Ukraine War against Russia – is so full of Excesses and western political lies – the world has not experienced since at least the onset of WWI in 1914, when a war against Germany was promoted “to make the world safe and ready for Democracy”, when in reality WWI was to safe the collapsing US banking system, and to have Germany fight against Russia, then as now, the world’s by far largest and resources richest country, riches the west coveted then as now, for its unabashed profit-driven “development”, serving then as now an exquisite self-nominated elite, mostly linked to banking.

Today, since 24 February 2022, the US and her European vassals and NATO, are fighting a proxy war against Russia for the same reasons as gave the impetus of WW I and WW II – fracturing the huge Russian landmass for control and for grabbing Russia’s resources.

The amounts of money and weapons sent to the corrupt Ukrainian leader, Zelenskyy, is insane. In total as of last count some US$ 115 billion equivalent in less than a year, equal to about a third of Ukraine’s GDP in 2022 (US$ 347 billion).

More than two thirds of the funds – so called budget support? – and weaponry comes from the US, the rest mostly from Europe and other countries of the Anglosaxonia Empire.

Most of the “transfers” flow right back into the accounts of the US Military Industrial Complex – and corrupt politicians, on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Ukraine – arguably one of the world’s most corrupt countries – has neither the capacity to absorb the money, or to use the weaponry, since there are no trained military personnel to operate them.

So, easily two thirds if not more, of all the weapons delivered to Ukraine end up on the black market.

All the “allies” of this nonsensical, criminal killing exercise know it. Yet, they continue this absurd war game to the detriment of the Ukrainian people, pushing to the brink of risking a potentially nuclear World War.  

There are absolutely no criteria, no targets, no strategies, for these weapon deliveries, none whatsoever.

They are supplied, while the Ukrainian people are killed in masses – not by Russian military, because President Putin is applying an ethical principle: Avoid destroying Ukrainian lives and infrastructure to the extent possible – but by their own Ukrainian army, so they can blame the annihilation and deaths on Russia, as Zelenskyy knows, that’s what the western media are reporting. 

Those who are not killed by weapons, or famine, or disease, are suffering untold misery, and / or flee their homeland, for Russia and western Europe. The Ukrainian population in 2021 was about 44 million. Today’s estimates range from 35 to 37 million. 

Still, the west continues to propagate hatred against Russia, make the rest of the world believe that “evil Putin” will soon succumb.   

Nothing could be farther from the truth, yet the propaganda and lie-western-media keep bulldozing the same fake news into western minds.  

For an accurate and strategic account of the situation in Ukraine, see this sobering interview with (former) US Col. Douglas MacGregor .

These unforgiven Excesses will, no doubt, backfire.

Just in, on 14 February 2023…..

An Act of Ecological Terrorism has been carried out in Ohio, USA, as “authorities” set fire to as many as ten derailed train cars carrying highly toxic vinyl chloride (and other chemicals), unleashing a massive plume of chemical-laden smoke that exploded into the skies and spread for hundreds of square miles. 

The mainstream media up to now provides little coverage of the “incidence”, or rather act of terror. They call it a “controlled burn” which is absurd. No professional chemist would put highly toxic chemicals on fire in an open field and disperse the byproducts of combustion into the skies, thereby setting off a chemical gas bomb. 

The spinoff of this combustion includes hydrogen chloride, which almost instantly connects to water molecules from the humidity in the atmosphere, creating Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), a highly toxic acid that burns lungs, flesh and even fish gills when absorbed into water. A mass kill event affecting fish, wildlife, chickens and pets is being reported by citizens in the area. 

See this full report from – video 1h 11 min .

Today’s world of absurd and untenable Excesses is anchored in planned and “legalized” lawlessness – of which most of the world’s population is not aware. 

In preparation of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030 – the atrocities that need to be committed during this awful decade, called by WHO the Decade of the Vaccinations – most western countries have quietly abandoned their nation-state status of Republics and registered themselves as Corporations.  

As Corporations, their countries’ Constitutions and all the laws within the Constitutional framework do no longer apply. That’s why they can do what they do; that’s why no court of law will accept any claim against their crimes, and that’s why they get away with murder, literally.  

It’s hard to believe but see this brilliant master talk video (43 min. on Kla.TV), by Dr. Astrid Stueckelberger, former WHO scientist, who talks about the planned WHO health tyranny and other matters.

At about minute 8 into the video, Dr. Stueckelberger mentions the corporatization of western countries. See this . It is more than well-worth listening to the entire, extremely interesting and revealing video.

Comin back to the beginning – physiology – the Science of Life – is a dynamic living process, constantly moving irrespective of linear inputs and planned projections. 

A cardinal rule of physiology is to protect life as miniscule as microbes and as gigantic as Mother Earth herself.

Therefore, Excesses, the way described above – and there are multitudes more going on, as these lines are written – will naturally lead to a collapse of the system – for Life’s and Mother Earths self-preservation. 



Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020). Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.


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