The driver burn his motor tricycle to revenge the “Blue Shirt”

At 14:30 yesterday afternoon, more than ten people, wearing blue shirt, held up a motor tricycle and intended to confiscate the motorbike on the sidewalk in front of the student apartment of Communication University of China. The driver was very angry that ignited the gas tank in his motor tricycle. Then the tricycle is burning up. The driver’s face, forearm and leg burned badly.

According to witness, both sides were pushing each other, and they also referred to burning the tricycle.

The driver, Mr. Guo, said “I would rather burn up it than give it to you. At that time, I am at the point of great anger, just there is a gas tank in the tricycle, and then I ignited it.”

A netizen said on the web, when the angry driver opened up the gas tank, and took out a lighter, the “blue shirt” said let you do it, ah.

According to another witness, while the tricycle’s burning, one of “blue shirt” pulled the driver out, and the others got into the van and run away.

It is known that due to his motor tricycle is a black tricycle, Mr.Guo was detained several times for disturb the traffic order.

However, Chaoyang local government, urban management, traffic management and other departments have denied the accident related to them.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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