The Conspiracy Of A Global Empire: A Letter To Those That Serve The System

Your way of life has been pre-determined, you just don’t realize it yet. The tyrannical empire you serve is full of depraved, sociopathic eugenicists whose goals are to consolidate wealth and take precious resources from around the globe.

Through planned economic terror and preemptive wars in the guise of humanitarian interventions, the United States and western interests are pushing towards a shock phase of expansionism.

The carefully crafted illusion of what globalization is has convinced you that we need the democratization of non-democratic states. This is cover for a greater power grab that you blindly clock in for each and every day.

The shadow network of government is the ultimate change agent. Since 9/11 we’ve seen a systematic erosion of civil liberties in the United States by means of illegal wire tapping, hyper surveillance, warrant-less searches and an ever-increasing police state.

Our forefathers warned us about the dangers of an expansionist, authoritarian government which you have readily accepted. You have unknowingly sacrificed your freedoms for a moment of false security and a paycheck.

You’ve been led to believe that there are both internal and external threats, opening the door for a larger police and military presence here in the U. S. as well as around the world. You have approved lethal, pharmaceutical drugs that have not been thoroughly tested for safety.

You have turned a blind eye to companies that chemically engineer our food supply, compromising human sustenance for generations to come. The very agencies that claim to protect our national security have abused your trust.

I don’t blame you for being idealistic in thinking that by working for these government institutions, you can be part of the solution.

You probably graduated from a highly respected liberal arts college, participated in events designed to help your local community and discussed “ground up” reform from “the inside out” with other concerned students just like yourself.



Sadly, our education systems have also been infiltrated by this shadow government network and it’s very likely that the speeches you received on altruism and putting the care and concern of your fellow man before yourself has also been carefully crafted to deceive you into a socialist or Marxist ethos.

Carroll Quigley, former professor at a number of “well respected” institutions of higher learning such as Harvard, Princeton and Georgetown University was deeply involved with advocating for this Marxist empirical network. In his 1,350 page book entitled “Tragedy and Hope” Quigley writes:

I know of operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years… and was permitted to examine secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims…” Quigley continues to describe the goal of the network which is:“nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. His [the individual’s] freedom and choice will be controlled within very narrow alternatives by the fact that he will be numbered from birth and followed, as a number, through his educational training, his required military or other public service, tax contributions, health and medical requirements to his final retirement and death benefits.”

The academic community is a continued part of the network’s system of control and indoctrination into a far reaching destructive plan seeking to control the minds of the next generation.

You were fortunate enough to get a great government job right out of college. You passed the background checks, the personality profile and lengthy applicant screening process.

Generally, you feel pretty good about the work your department is doing but something doesn’t feel quite right. You heard a rumor about someone in another department who was a “whistle-blower” and they were fired for speaking up about your company’s illegal business practices.

You have noticed the same activity since you’ve been here but are worried about retaliation if your boss finds out that you are questioning this misconduct where you work. You keep your mouth shut and your head down.

The slow dismantling of our Constitution is taking place. At every level, the Bill of Rights is being stripped due to the need for modern day applications and interpretations to what the Founders intended.

To any Constitutionalist, these intentions are very cut and dry, however the need for Constitutional awareness by Americans has never been more necessary. This has become even more evident with unconstitutional arrests of U.S. citizens who are critical of government policies or illegal business practices.

See Something, Say Something. This tenet taken right from the pages of Orwell’s “1984” is being used more frequently against the American people.

There are growing numbers of cases where whistle-blowers from all nearly every government agency have “seen something and said something” in their place of work and have been threatened with everything from disciplinary action, tax penalties, loss of employment, prison to physical threats.

As an employee of any company, government or private sector, you have a right to speak out against any dishonest or illegal business practices that you discover through the course of you conducting normal business.

The Government Accountability Project (GAP), an organization dedicated to the protection of corporate, government and international whistle-blowers since 1977, has taken a firm stance on finding the best way to defend “people who commit the truth”.

GAP hosts a television program, “Whistle Where You Work” that airs nationally on the Free Speech TV channel on Dish Network, on over 70 community access stations around the country, and in parts of Europe.



The obstruction of dissent is not limited to the workplace. Just recently, an honorably discharged U.S. Marine, Brandon J. Raub, was taken into custody for expressing his political views on his private Facebook account.

Raub’s comments came under a firestorm of criticism from government officials deeming his posts “terrorist in nature”.

John W. Whitehead founder and defense attorney for the The Rutherford Institute came to the aid of Raub, supporting his Constitutional rights which eventually led to his release.

Whitehead had this to say about the incident :

“For government officials to not only arrest Brandon Raub for doing nothing more than exercising his First Amendment rights but to actually force him to undergo psychological evaluations and detain him against his will goes against every constitutional principle this country was founded upon. This should be a wake-up call to Americans that the police state is here,” Whitehead is quick to remind us that according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memos, “ Veterans are listed as extremist” We are seeing an unprecedented rise in what the DHS and other various security agencies consider thought crimes against the state.

This is the age of pre-crime where our freedom is dying everyday.

In another unjust case , David C. Gorczynski was arrested for displaying signs that expressed his opposition to the banking system during a peaceful protest outside a Wells Fargo branch in Easton, Pa.

The occupy protester is accused of terrorist threats, bank robbery and disorderly conduct. It is astonishing that U.S. citizens are being targeted for their political dissent ….

Isn’t our greatest domestic threat coming from an out of control system which now openly admits to taking orders from foreign financial institutions?

The question you should be asking is, why would you want to serve a system that is destroying the very foundation we built our country on?

It doesn’t matter which wing you work for, both the left and right political parties have signed us up for a total collapse.

Well known author, social critic and political activist Naomi Wolf covered the break down of a free society in her book titled The End of America:

Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. Wolf outlines the ten steps to a closed society, examining the same blueprint that has been used repeatedly throughout history.

 In a recent interview with Elmhurst College, Wolf described how our society has spiraled out of control:“It’s worse than ever, and it has happened more quickly than I imagined when I wrote the book,” she said. “There are financial incentives to maintaining a hyped-up terror state and police state. I knew that a change of presidents wouldn’t change this but I didn’t expect the capitulation to be so dramatic. Four years ago we didn’t have a president claiming a right to preventive detention without trial, which Obama has done.”. 

Wolf herself was arrested at Occupy Wall Street last year for peaceably protesting on a NYC sidewalk.

Under this current administration we’ve descended into total authoritarianism having extending the Patriot Act, passing the NDAA, which in it’s pure description is the indefinite detention of American citizens, thus, stripping us of our constitutional rights without evidence of any crime.

Just recently, an army manual was leaked describing plans for internment resettlement operations or re-education camps here in the U.S., during the event of “military or civil conflict”, or if we had a “natural or man-made disaster”.

 As free people we should be extremely concerned and we have been warned.

By working for this system you are agreeing to the reformation of the United States Constitution and are condoning the actions of a corrupt, government, devoid of morals that has been taken over at the highest levels by global criminals.

This is a letter to those who serve the system. You need to accept that our country has been taken over by a financial and scientific dictatorship.

Those in charge of our wealth and resources have pledged to a dark empire. We need reject the predatory and illegitimate war making used to crush liberty.

As the world is in decline, you will have to make a choice between freedom and tyranny. Future generations depend on it. Dissent is still the highest form of patriotism. Will you speak up for your country?


Shawn Helton and Neema Enriquez

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