The Best Way to Fight Western Propaganda

The best way is to apply California model to Hainan Island of China. Just imagine China using its trillions of dollars to build its own California on Hainan Island.

The island with its fresh air and high living standards could be turned into the center of culture, high tech, education that attracts best and brightest from around the world and the region. This should also solve China’s problems with its neighbors because China becomes the center of culture with this project.

This is the best way to challenge western propaganda. Just imagine all that cultural propaganda in movies, art, and culture will be replaced with a culture that respects and nourishes all eastern values and cultures.

All cultures and peoples of the world should be included in this project. China can apply California model where FBI controls Hollywood. This project should be protected from western financial control, just like Hollywood is protected from any other control but the empire.

Muslims can’t even buy a movie studio to encounter anti-Muslim propaganda despite all that oil billions they have because Hollywood is a form of control and propaganda. By this way China can solve most of its problems by nourishing all cultures around it by giving them voice and representation in this new cultural revolution.

The island must made into the cultural center of the world by respecting all cultures, by replacing western propaganda, using its edge on movie making, education, software companies, technology companies, space technology, war technology.

Because of the decline of the west, aggressiveness of American culture and life, it will be easy to attract the best and brightest from around the world, from all cultures and countries to Hainan Island to built the new California of the future.

This new center of talent and culture, based on eastern values, inclusiveness, and respect can easily be controlled by the Chinese government to achieve the desired result just like California, Silicon valley, and Hollywood are controlled and managed by the American government and the FBI.

This is the best way to spend a trillion dollars, and way more efficient than armies and war. This should avoid a world war as well by making the transition way easier and understandable for world population.

Alternative culture, reversal of western cultural propaganda, explanation of the truth and new realities, representation of all ideas and cultures, will make it obvious for the world why a change is needed.

Just imagine all that movies brainwashing people will be replaced by movies with very different messages and realities in them. Direct challenge to Hollywood is needed and it is the best way to fight western propaganda and cultural imperialism.

China has power, money, and the will to do it. Therefore the new cultural center of the world to encounter western propaganda should be built in China by China. The Location of the island and its cultural, technological, educational, and touristic attractiveness will help China to build better relationships with its neighbors in the region, around the Hainan Island.

This can be done and it can help avoid another world war by creating cultural transition of the world at least as fast as economic and political transition of the world. Otherwise western audience will have difficulty adopting to new economic and political realities of the world, and would encourage war out of illiteracy and lack of understanding towards rising cultures and powers.

Cultural revolution backed by Hollywood like structure, California like structure is necessary to avoid another world war to create understanding before creating conflicts.Just imagine China makes a movie depicting real story of Palestine, challenging Hollywood quality.

This would make China as a leader nation immediately in the heart of Muslims. This is a very powerful tool, way more powerful than military might. Winning hearts and minds should be the first target.


By Atalay Osmanoglu <>

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