The Best Way to Fight Western Propaganda (Part III)

The Best Way to Fight Western Propaganda (Part I)

The Best Way to Fight Western Propaganda (Part II)

In my first two articles on “The Best Way to Fight Western Propaganda”, I argued that a direct challenge to Hollywood is needed, and we should create the future of California by examining the California, and Hollywood models, and by applying these to Hainan Island of China by gathering the best and brightest from around the world to participate in this new cultural revolution, in order to reverse the Western Propaganda.

I defined Hollywood as the most powerful tool of destruction of the Western empire. This article goes deeper into why and how TV is the most powerful tool of the criminal ruling elite of the world.

Not everything we see and hear is real. If you remember the movie The Matrix, you will remember that the central nervous systems of people are hijacked in order to feed false signals to individuals.

What they see, hear, and fell are actually illusion but they don’t know it because only reality they get is through their nervous system which is under constant false feedback by the machines.

Even though the signals are real, and they can feel, see, and hear everything around them, we call this illusion, because these signals do not represent the real world.

They are brains in a jar, immobile, and captured, but they can feel it all, and believe they live real lives in real world. The real world is very different than the world they believe they live in.

The real world is destroyed by a war between machines and humans, and it is inhabitable for humans. Humans are like crops raised by machines in order to provide energy to keep machines running.

This is a metaphor similar to Plato’s cave analogy, and it is a great example of how humans can be kept ignorant and illiterate under supervision of ruling classes.

People can be kept as slaves, chained to a wall, unaware of their captivity, because only reality they can see and witness is the reflections and shadows on a wall.

Humans were kept as slaves, as ignorant masses, and as illiterate people long enough in the history to prove that human mind is capable of falling into illusions.

In the United Sates black people were kept as slaves for nearly four hundred years under the false pretenses that whites are superior to blacks, and blacks are here to serve white power structures that carry white men’s burden.

Throughout the history, illusion of reality was enforced through art, images, books, institutions, religion, and political establishments.

Today TV, as a platform for images and films, is the single most powerful tool to put people under the influence of illusion.

The illusion of reality TV provides fooled masses in an enormous scale too many times already in the twenty first century. It is being used to keep masses in sleep, in a dream world, entertained, and busy.

TV is the main perpetrator of this crime in the 21st century.

We cannot let TV to keep providing false information to our senses anymore. The most receptors of human brain are in our eyes and ears. What we get through our eyes and ears determines who we are, what we think, and how we act.

We cannot let the criminal ruling elite determine what we get through our ears and eyes anymore. We need a cultural revolution to change the environment of TV.

We cannot let our ears and eyes get content that is engineered to fool the masses anymore. We need this revolution to honor ourselves, our cultures, our heritages, and our countries on the world stage.


Mr. Atalay Osmanoglu holds Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology degrees.

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