The Best Way to Fight Western Propaganda ( Part II )

The Best Way to Fight Western Propaganda (Part I)

Since my ideas on the best way to fight Western propaganda was published, I have been thinking about writing a more detailed article on the same subject. This article will expand the first article.

A direct challenge to Hollywood is needed in order to fight Western propaganda and cultural imperialism. There are too many messages in movies, art, and entertainment that go to unconscious mind without filtered by the conscious mind. People just accept the fake reality presented in movies, designed art, and engineered entertainment as real reality unconsciously.

This is how demonization of Muslims have been engineered in the mind of Western people and World audience since the establishment of Israel. Edward Said pointed out this issue as well.

Hollywood movies , series, and entertainment have been used to create the false image of Muslims in minds using covert, subtle propaganda tactics since the establishment of Israel.

The West had seen Arabs as allies and normal people before Zionist forces started to take power in American politics and entertainment sector. Long before engineered 9/11 event, and outright demonization of Muslims on Mass Media and entertainment, American public was ready to accept Muslims, and Arabs as backward, violent, terrorist like people who oppress women and minorities, while the truth was really different.

In the Middle East, before 9/11, Muslims lived in ethnically and religiously diverse societies in harmony. They have done that for centuries by including all faiths and ethnic groups in this harmony.

Conflicts are engineered by outside forces to divide and weaken these societies. Even after the British and the West draw the borders of Middle East to create weak countries containing many different ethnic and religious people in their borders, many Middle Eastern countries became so powerful that they wanted their freedom from Western Imperialism.

At this point, came the Western policy, to granulate these countries further to make them even weaker. Ethnic and religious conflicts are being created in the region by the West, including the so called Islamic State. This is to turn the region into violent, and backward place where different ethnic and religious groups fight each other, destroy their heritages, and countries.

The purpose is to create a region that creates terrorism to terrorize the West forever. This works well for the Western Elite to keep the masses under control by defining an enemy.

The region will eventually turn into an easy target for the West to colonize and exploit further without any developed and independent states like the former Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

They want to use nukes to clear the region for colonization, to scare rising Asia into submission by repeating what they did in America, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, by showing violence and destruction to intimidate rising powers.

This is in parallel to what happened during World War II. Embargo on Japan was followed by a war, and ended in nuclear explosions to scare communism, Asia, and the East into submission.

Hollywood is the most powerful tool of destruction of the Western Imperialism. This is why it is very important to challenge Western Propaganda in a successful way. California model should be examined, and applied to Hainan Island to reverse Western Propaganda.

It is the best time to undertake such a big project; oil is cheap, dollar is high, and China has dollars.

Keeping these dollars encourages the Empire to impose dollar on the world by using its military might, and by destroying one country after another to maintain this status of global reserve currency for the dollar.

It is a form of robbery to print dollars out of nothing and to force the world to use it on gun point.

Hainan Island could be turned into the cultural center of the world, and could be protected from any financial or other influence of the West. We can attract the best and the brightest from around the world to be part of this new cultural revolution where all cultures, and peoples of the world are respected, and nourished.

Mr. Atalay Osmanoglu holds Political Science, Philosophy, and Sociology degrees, studied Chinese language, Chinese politics, Asian cultures, American history, and American politics.

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