“The Aliens Are Coming”: Psychological Programmers Versus The Alternative Media

Depending on whom you ask, great doom will manifest at the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games through all kinds of sudden calamities: either a massive false flag event will be going down, with some dirty bomb detonated- or several separate ones, rudely shaking the city of London, reminiscent of the 7/7 false flag operation in the English capital.

In my first article The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Is Predictive Programming Being Used To Weaken The Truth Movement?, I make the assertion that overloading the world with false announcements of mass death at the upcoming Olympic Games most likely serves- among other things- to undermine the credibility of those reporting on them. But, I would submit, there is another aspect that deserves looking into.

Recent attempts by mainstream media to discredit all “conspiracy theories” by focusing on the wildest among them, appears to be a deliberate effort on the part of the controlled media. At least, that’s what my first sniff of the subject tells me. Quite ingenious if you think about it.

All the producers (and the executives who have final say in the editing room) have to do is a more or less wide sweep of the internet, have lunch, sift out the “alien connection”, and then highlight those theories as “mainstream among the substream.” (O miraculous deception!). The same principle applies to the countless theories floating around the web in regards to an expected cosmic event set to occur when the Olympic Games are in full swing.

The Alien Connection

A rumor whirls around on the internet: an all-out alien invasion is supposed to take place just when the Olympic Fire is lit. The BBC has announced that their upcoming “documentary” almost exclusively focusing on these alien-invasion theories- even making an effort to attach those theories to the rich symbolism inherent to the Olympic Games in general- and the upcoming Games in particular.

As Paul Joseph Watson recently reported, the alien connection is being pushed by the establishment to divert attention away from the documented reality of false flag operations and to undermine those exposing them.

The fact that the BBC is interested in highlighting the “alien” aspect is interesting. As far as the producers are concerned, they may feast on a fairly massive amount of websites promulgating the idea that Illuminate members are in direct contact with extraterrestrials and have designated the Olympic Games to be their landing spot. Spacecrafts, apparently hundreds of them, are impatiently hiding out on the dark side of the moon, staking out mankind, ready to invade as soon as the Olympic Games commence.

If we are to believe some, mysterious beings from an even more mysterious “intergalactic light federation” are routinely informing us that the hour is late, dreadfully late- and mankind should prepare to properly receive the alien visitors. And what better location than right on the tip of the mountain of the Gods, with all nations gathered together on one spot. Where one school of thought drifts toward the “benevolent alien” hypothesis- another school insists that locust-like creatures with v-shaped eyebrows will incinerate mankind on arrival. In the latter version London will be the theater of mass death, subsequently preluding a worldwide extermination campaign.

Ethereal spheres

From the moment of its creation the internet has been alive with stories of impending doom as a result of our planet’s transgressions through the “photon belt.” Long before London was ever designated to be the next host of the Olympic Games, converging star-signs were supposed to shatter the planet to her bone, when Pisces converges with Capricorn, at an angle of exactly so much degrees, a celestial mix of apocalyptic preconditions is brewing as a result of which earth and its inhabitants will float away on ethereal air currents.

An obscure, as of yet undetected planet is apparently hurrying through the solar system, diametrically avoiding telescopes just in time to crash at the precise moment when the ancient Mayans chose to end their mythological calendar- at least just one out of their vast collection of calendars. I have always found it difficult to understand the need to stretch boundless infinity, with all its countless galaxies and empty space, with the finite fancies of astrology, covering after all only our most immediate celestial neighbors. But regardless of ones own beliefs in regards to these matters, the point is that social engineers and psychological programmers enhance precisely the few, more exotic theories in order to undermine the majority of credible ones.

A Double-Edged Sword

The establishment media may continue to undermine the alternative media by using these straw-man tactics, it will not be able to avoid falling slowly, inch by inch, into its own sword. Besides, the alternative media is so divers and omnipresent that these attempts of discrediting will fail miserably. By harnessing the power of their opponent, truth seekers need only to direct mainstream momentum, with certain strategic interventions, to then use the force of the attack against the attacker.

This requires on the part of the fighter no special skill besides knowing which interventions to use in order to subdue his opponent. The power of the social engineers rests and always has rested primarily on its ability to control the flow of information, comfortably relying on an uncritical mass, bobbing on a wire. That mass has begun to break free from those wires, forcing the elite into ever more desperate attempts to discredit the truth.

Jurriaan Maessen’s blog is Explosive Reports.

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