The Abbottabad Myth in the Death of bin Laden (Junge Freiheit, Germany)

It’s time to wake up from the media-caused celebratory anesthetic in the matter of Osama bin Laden’s death and switch back to reason and rationality. At this point, I’d like to try jumpstarting everything with a sort of “open questions and mind games” approach that applies to the killing of the “Prince of Terror,” an act glorified in the Western media as an act of heroism on the part of the U.S. Navy SEALS, as well as an expression of President Barack Obama’s determination.

Bilal City, a northern suburb of Abbottabad, bin Laden’s final address about 30 miles from Islamabad, has a military district which implies the presence of security and intelligence personnel. Bin Laden’s house stood about 500 meters from the Pakistani Military Academy in Kakul. Strangers with no military background would eventually become conspicuous here. Besides that, there was no direct line of escape in the direction of those areas of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban. Why on earth would Osama bin Laden choose such a place to hide himself and his entire family?

What happened to the bodies of his family members?

Besides bin Laden, other people were reported to have died in the attack, including one of his sons. What became of those bodies? Where are they? Why did bin Laden expressly choose to live in a conspicuous “fortress-like” residential complex that so obviously stood out above the surrounding smaller houses? It would have made more sense to choose one of the less conspicuous smaller dwellings.

The latest Guantanamo documents released by WikiLeaks disclose that American intelligence had known for some time that bin Laden and his family, or portions of his family, were living in Abbottabad. Did the attack on the compound take place at the time it did because of concerns that bin Laden might relocate since the documents had been made public? A reminder: The Libyan Abu-al Libi, an al-Qaeda courier, was arrested on May 2, 2005 in Mardan, a city near Abbottabad. Umar Patek, one of the planners of the terrorist attacks in Bali, was apprehended in Abbottabad in January of this year. Abbottabad obviously enjoys a certain popularity among al-Qaida members.

The 9/11 Attacks Were Not Mentioned in FBI “Wanted Lists”

Why is Osama bin Laden always mentioned as the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks despite the fact that he wasn’t listed as wanted by the FBI for the crime? According to the FBI’s lists — thanks to Rainer Rupp of Junge Welt for bringing this to our attention — bin Laden was wanted by the FBI for the attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, but not in connection with the 9/11 attacks.

As with the attacks of 9/11, the collection of important evidence was again made impossible. The abduction of bin Laden’s corpse prevented positive identification by independent experts. The digital “data goldmine” that bin Laden supposedly left behind opens new options for the United States to intervene wherever they see fit. The data could become the key to another “war on terror” that leaves all previous conventions behind. Against this backdrop, Abbottabad may have been the end of Osama bin Laden but it could possibly provide the downbeat for a new era of anti-terror warfare with which the United States had sought to cloak its geopolitical interests ever since George W. Bush’s presidency.

According to recent reports, al-Qaida has posted acknowledgment on “Islamic internet forums” that the military attack had been successful in killing bin Laden last Sunday, thereby helping the White House refute any possible malicious conspiracy theories. How helpful! Characteristically, a White House spokesperson said al-Qaida was only confirming the obvious. When asked about further details of the operation, he announced that it was very important (!) that he say nothing further.

That spokesperson no doubt has good reasons why he prefers to say nothing further.

By Michael Wiesberg

Translated By Ron Argentati

9 May 2011

Edited by Jenette Axelrod
Germany – Junge Freiheit – Original Article (German)

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