The 21st Century RESUMES Its 2017 ‘STUDY TOUR’ Project to “North Korea”, Starting ..

… this April …


Dear friends and supporters of The 21st Century around the world,

A happy New Year’s warm greetings to you all!

The 21st Century is very happy to announce its 2017 Korea Study Tour(KST) project to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) which starts in mid April this year. The KST project will however continue throughout the year until mid October this year.

Some of the Highlights of the KST are as follows:


Participate in various events which will take place during the Nation’s Most Favored “April 15th’s Grand Sun Festival”, people’s mass dance, concerts, fireworks, etc.;

Visits with People’s Grand Library, Children’s Grand Palace, Kim Il Sung University, Kindergarten, Junior/High School, Factories(meet with workers), Farms(meet with farmers), Hospitals(Maternity Hospital, Children’s Hospital), Pyongyang International Soccer School, Monuments, Towers, Museums(Art, History, War), Historic Sites, UNESCO-designated sites, DMZ (38th Parallel), etc.;

Specially-arranged meetings for free discussions (or dialogues with Q/As) with experts, scholars, journalists, some senior government/party officials, ordinary students, citizens, etc.;

And finally Outdoor barbecue and beer party after a Mountain hiking, Riverside road walking, etc.

The first KST group will take off to Korea from April 13 to 20 (for 7 nights and 8 days). The tour starts from Beijing and ends Beijing. The KST participants will meet between 9: 30 and 10:00 AM at Terminal 2, Beijing International Airport.

A detailed information about the trip including a modest fee for the KST which includes a roundtrip airfare from BJ to BJ, 7 nights and 8 days hotel room and board (3 meals a day), all the in-country transportations, full-time tour guide(s), interpreter(s), & driver(s), all the entrance fees, etc., will be provided to the prospective KST applicants individually by the KST organizer.

When one applies for the April KST, he/she’ll be provided with the above-mentioned (full and detailed) information about the upcoming trip. Anybody who’s interested in the upcoming April KST to DPRK in 2017, please feel free to contact us at

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Best wishes and hopefully see you all in Korea!



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