Democracy and The West: History, Theory and Practice

     The Signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776   In the light of the frequent disagreements witnessed nowadays in the transatlantic Western community as concerns the NATO Alliance and its relevancy,…

The Climate Change CORPORATE Lobby Threatens the GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT

At a recent Washington climate change rally, who is demanding action? Demanding action from whom? What action? In reality, the diminutive, corporate-media inflated rally in DC was organized by the very corporate-financier special interests that have been wreaking terrible havoc on both the human population and the environment of this planet for decades. They are demanding action from a government that already represents their interests. Their demands are policies, particularly financial tax schemes that they themselves created and are are best positioned to benefit from while making no discernible impact on the very real environmental threats we collectively face. It was an exercise in manufacturing consent for policies already long-ago devised and simply waiting for piecemeal implementation. Yahoo! News’ report, “40,000 People Reported at Climate Change Rally,” mentions as one of the rally’s organizers and key representatives. Upon‘s “Friends & Allies” page, an extensive list of human rights and environmental racketeers can be found, all either linked, or directly connected to big-oil, big-finance, big-agri, and big-defense.

China To Stay Vigilant about Looming "CURRENCY WAR"

    The money printing presses of the developed economies are operating at full speed as the US, Japan and Europe have all announced monetary “easing” measures seen as necessary to spur stagnant economic growth….