“Sir Jeffrey Amherst noted for his deliberate use of smallpox-infected blankets as a weapon against Indians. Amherst and his British lieutenants were a marked change from the French commanders at the forts throughout the Old Northwest…

European Union Hits ISRAEL: Probably Not Even Israel Can Survive Such a Crime

Many years ago, Henry Kissinger said that Israel doesn’t have foreign policy. Everything is decided upon inner and personal issues. In the third week of July 2013, an extraordinary example of this truth emerged after Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed to have heard of the European Union guidelines banning EU funding of projects in territories occupied by Israel since the 1967 Middle East war only after they were approved and published. “You are wrong! He is a wise Jew hiding the truth for political reasons,” some Zionists would exclaim at this point and then add: “Shhh! You are harming the cause!”

Netanyhau's Deep Pockets: The Price of Silence

God is the friend of silence.—Mother Teresa American police officers buy greasy doughnuts, add an over-sweet cup of stale coffee, and then go out to hunt-down Latinos. Stereotypes are wrong and ugly; “You were born…

Israel Spent $3 Billion on Iran Attack

“Hallucinated adventures that were not implemented and would not be implemented…”—Ehud Olmert The Israeli Administration is far from being transparent; people working for it prefer to be secretive than to face the embarrassment of being…

Netanyahu’s Nightmare: said Former PM Ehud Olmert, Spitting on America’s Face

On November 9, 2012, well after the US elections ended, Hebrew media is still obsessed with the feeling of defeat at Netanyahu’s bureau. “The night Netanyahu won’t forget” and “the astonishment that seized Netanyahu and his advisers this week was absolute” were typical comments. Spitting on America’s Face,” was the harsher comment of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who after being acquitted by the court, is becoming increasingly active against Netanyahu. The redundancy of these reports and their extreme texts made me wonder wether Netanyahu and Obama are secret allies trying to hide that they are playing a complex international poker game. Yet, this is one of those rare cases in which such a conspiracy is not an option.

Obama’s Victory Shocks Israel: Panic in Jerusalem: Its Largest Newspaper Calls “An Ugly Victory”: Attack Iran Delayed?

Emphasizing the wild reaction of the Hebrew media and Israel’s upper echelon of politicians to Obama’s victory, Mossad opened on the same day a recruiting campaign over the internet. Its ads appeared next to pictures illustrating the victory, creating an eerie image. Is Mossad about to gear up sinister old plans for a presidential assassination? Beginning this article in such a fashion is justifiable due to the violent reactions voiced in Israel. One of the softest belonged to Yedioth Aharonot—Israel’s largest newspaper—which read “An Ugly Victory.” The most quoted reaction belonged to Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon, who said “the State of Israel will not surrender to Obama. We have no one to rely on but ourselves.”