The AMERICA and ISRAEL Global War Project in Syria & Iran: Delusional “MAD DOG” Leaders Threaten The HUMANITY

A common thread defines Obama and Netanyahu. Their agenda threatens humanity. Both head modern-day Spartas. Israel is very much involved in Washington’s war on Syria. At issue is destroying another independent state, murdering thousands, planning more wars, and threatening the entire region and beyond. Iran is next in line. Saber rattling combines with war by other means. It includes sanctions, subversion, instability, cyberwar, targeted assassinations, other disruptive actions, and relentless scoundrel media vilification and fearmongering. On August 3, Haaretz headlined “King Bibi in trouble.” Poll numbers show a 60% disapproval rating. It’s not for institutionalized militarism and belligerence. It’s about new budget cuts hardening neoliberal harshness. Most Israelis are fed up with what harms their well-being. Their narrow definition omits likely blowback from regional wars and more planned. Conflict rages cross border in Syria. If attacked, Hezbollah can respond in kind.

Israel Declared War on Iran: The Burgas Bombing Another Israeli False Flag???!!!

Bomber’s autopsy doesn’t fit official version of the event On July 23, 2012, Associated Press reported the results of the Burgas bomber autopsy; not for the first time in this affair, the findings didn’t fit the initial official declarations. Five days before, a suicide bomber attacked a bus transporting Israeli tourists at the Burgas Airport in Bulgaria. The bus driver and five Israelis were killed; over thirty people were injured. Initial descriptions of the bomber claimed that the man had short dark hair and were accompanied by an unclear security camera’s image. Dr. Galina Mleva, a forensic expert who took part in autopsies on the victims and the attacker, told Bulgarian National TV that the bomber “had a white face, light eyes, and very thick brown hair.” Trying to find a way out of the embarrassment, the discrepancy is now explained by assuming the existence of an accomplice. Yet, Israel doesn’t care about the facts; Netanyahu is about to attack. Within hours of the violent event, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had blamed Iran and Hezbollah, justifying his brilliant conclusion on the fact that it had occurred on the anniversary of the 1994 AMIA bombing in Argentina, which was blamed by Netanyahu’s predecessors on Iran and Hezbollah.

Netanyahu to Obama on The November Election: When WE ISRAEL Say “Jump,” you ONLY ANSWER, “HOW HIGH”!?!

Presidential candidate Barack Obama is being targeted by the US Israel lobby from A to Z, (Ackerman, Gary & Aipac to Zuckerman, Mort & the Zionist Organization of America) as no American President seeking re-election has been in the country’s 236 year history. Israel’s duel loyalty agents, as well as more fair minded American Jewish voters have historically intimidated and influenced US presidents seeking reelection, especially those in a tight race, with various financial and political threats and rewards. That’s part of the American political game and obviously plenty of other lobbies do it also.