Syrian President Assad Speech: "There Is Not a Chance of a Further Western Intervention"

The Syrian president Bashar Assad held a great speech today.

He talked for about one hour in front of a full opera house in Damascus.

The speech was interrupted by several standing ovations.

At its end, when the president tried to leave the stage, he was practically mobbed by supporters trying to shake his hands.

Assad acknowledging the trouble his country is going through and renewed his offer for national reconciliation, including a new constitutional process, a referendum, new elections and a general amnesty.

Meanwhile the fight against terrorism would continue.

He rejected any outer interference in Syria’s political process.

Foreign help was only needed to stop the weapons and fighters coming in from the outside.

He thanked and saluted the soldiers of the Syrian army for their sacrifice.

He rallied the fence sitters:

Since the attack is launched against the homeland with all its human and material components, the mindful citizen has certainly known that passivity, waiting for time or others to solve the problem is a sort of pushing the country towards abyss, and not participating in solutions is a kind of taking the homeland backwards with no progress towards overcoming what the home is going through.

In what will irk the supporters of the insurgency against Syria, Assad renewed the commitment to resistance and the Palestinian cause:

Those who placed their bets on weakening Syria to forget Golan and its occupied lands are mistaken…Golan is ours and Palestine is our cause that we won’t give up on…We will remain the supporters of resistance against the one enemy. Resistance is a culture, not individuals.

The “west” did not welcome this defiant speech and renewed calls for Assad to step down.

But why should he?

The military conflict is at a stalemate but, in recent weeks, with slight and growing advantages for the Syrian army.

All cities are still in the Syrian governments hands and the state institutions are still working.

The biggest problem now is the systematic looting by the foreign supported FSA of food and other necessities.

The enemies of Syria have mostly given up on their aim to change its government and are instead, as first explained in September, trying to dismantle the country:

Destruction of the infrastructure, economy and social fabric of Syria is the [insurgents’] and their supporters’ aim.

But there are also signs of an even further retreat from the original war aims.

The neo-Ottomans in Turkey are slowly changing their tactics and the stream of weapons and money to the insurgency has somewhat deminished.

For now the most ardent supporters of a continued insurgency (last graph) and arguing against any negotiations are the “Western” Zionists.

But as they have little influence on the ground their support for the terrorism campaign against Syria might not matter.

There is not a chance of a further “Western intervention”.

There are still the Turks without whose support the insurgency would soon suffocate and die away.

As more they become convinced that Assad will stay as sooner will they be willing to file for peace.

Assad’s speech today certainly helped in that regard.

As more trouble is coming back to Turkey from the trouble it is organizing in Syria as sooner will the Turks be pressed to withdraw their support for the terrorist.

Here is where some renewed initiative, be it by the Russians, Iranians or Syrians, can achieve the most.

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