Syria: The Russian Air Cavalry Coming

In light of the catastrophic outcome of the “western” war on Libya the Russian government declared to oppose any further such “regime change” in the Middle East. But the U.S. continues to train, arm and finance insurgents against the Syrian Arab Republic and, under the disguise of fighting the Islamic State, prepares to take down the Syrian government.

Eliminating the Syrian government would likely create a radical jihadist state in Damascus and lead to massacres and mass refugee movements.

But Russia means what it says and will now use its military capabilities to confront the U.S. plans:

Elijah J. Magnier

“Russia is providing Syria with precision military and destructive equipment. Russia will start soon operating n Syria sky to hit rebels. The participation of the Russian Air Force in Syria worries Israel that won’t be able to have a free sky to hit Syrian troops. This is THE major change in Russian approach and support to Damascus regime, to prevent game change on the ground in Syria. The decision of Russia comes mainly from regional support [for the] rebels, not satisfy with the north of Syria (Idlib) and aiming to [help] Hama & Damascus.

Russian air-support for Syria against the various forces attacking the state will allow for additional air attacks against those forces.

The Syrian air force is today already flying more than 100 sorties per day against its enemies. The Russian forces will add to that but not necessarily in a decisive amount.

The main support for Syria by Russian air assets will come by keeping away those foreign air forces that threaten the Syrian government under disguise of “fighting terror”.

With Russian fighters in Syrian skies Israel will no longer be able to use its air force in support of Jabhat al-Nusra (and for its oil stealing endeavors in the Syrian Golan heights).

The U.S., Britain, France and others announced to enter Syrian skies to “fight the terror” of the Islamic State.

Russia will use just the same claim to justify its presence and its air operations flying from Latakia.

Simply by being there it will make sure that others will not be able to use their capabilities for more nefarious means.

Additional intelligence from Russian air assets will also be helpful for Syrian ground operations.

The Russian air capabilities will be supplemented with air defense cover from Russian naval assets on the Syrian coast.

Russia announced several air defense drills with live missile launches off the Syrian coast near Tartus.

New land based air defense assets are said to be on their way. I would not be surprised to see, over time, some Chinese naval assets joining the Russian presence.

Secretary of State Kerry whined to Russia that its intervention in Syria might intervene with the U.S. intervention in Syria.

Well, yes sir, that is the sole purpose:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday coordination was needed between Russia’s military and the Pentagon to avoid “unintended incidents” around Syria, where both countries have a military presence.

Lavrov said Russia would continue to supply weapons to Syrian President Bashar Assad to help the Syrian armed forces fight against ISIS militants.

He told a news conference Russia was conducting military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, that it had been for some time, and that they were in line with international law.

The neoconned State Department childishly pressured Greece and Bulgaria to disallow Russian military air transport over their countries.

But Russian planes can just as well fly via Iran and Iraq and both countries are very unlikely to ever block such flights. As Russian ground forces will not be involved in any fighting the supply needs can be kept limited.

Any attempt by Turkey, pressured by State Department lunatics, to block the Bosporus sea route between Russia and Syria would be in breach of the Montreux Convention and could be interpreted as hostile act against Russia on which Turkey depends for a large amount of its energy supplies.

After losing control over the predominantly Kurdish south-eastern city Cizre Turkey also has to take care of its own civil war which Erdogan foolishly ignited to regain a parliamentarian majority.

That internal war will hinder resupplies for the Islamic State through Turkey.

The U.S. plan to use the fight against the Islamic State as cover to remove the Syrian government is now in tatters.

The months long U.S. supported “Southern Front” attack in south Syria failed to make any gains against the government.

The Islamic State attack against Syrian government forces in Deir ez-Zor was repelled and further moves against Syria in the north will have to defy Russian air power.

Washington will now have to decide to risk war against Russia or to shelf the Syria regime change project.


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  1. Excellent. I pray that this continues. I pray that, as Thierry Meyssan said in a recent article, Russia goes ALL THE WAY, seeking the total destruction of all terrorists in Syria.

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