SYRIA: Declarations of War & Middle East Master Plan towards War & Fascism

Let us be honest; Syria is in a state of war. I is a war that is being portrayed as an internal conflict, but that does not change the fact that it is an illegal war that is waged on a sovereign nation. The only thing that is missing is a formal declaration of war by the USA and other NATO member states, the member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Israel, and the new Libyan non-government.

Their hirelings who are making up the vast majority of the “opposition and free Syrian army” consist of a Syrian Opposition that from day one has co-opted the legitimate ongoing internal reform process and foreign mercenaries.

This “opposition” has been well prepared to do the bidding of foreign powers. Political parties who refused to take part in the armed, foreign backed subversion are not reported about in Western Main Stream Media unless it is for the purpose of portraying them as “allies of the tyrannical regime”. Reconciliation processes are non-reported.

The foreign backed war party however, most prominently the internally triple split National Council of Syria is reported about in euphemisms.

Not much is reported about the fact that almost all of its known founding members were in one way or the other associated with Reagan Fascell Fellowships, the National Endowment for Democracy, and similar, mainly US-based operations that are notorious for being involved where freedom and human rights are preached to populations under the gun.

In Western Main Stream Media ? Not a word about the fact that the Arab GCC charade dress up clowns – also known as Gulf Celebrated Crackpot Dictators finance and run the Al Qaeda brigades that fight in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood brigades, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group brigades.

Donor Conferences and Friends of Syria sounds so much better when literally bankrupt colonial powers must go begging to finance new colonial conquests by proxy.

Depending on which Western Nations best friends they are, each of the crackpot dictators finances his most favorite brand of NATO mercenary brigades. The fact that one needs to elicit however, is that these are “brigades” in the military sense of the word.

These are not some homegrown terrorists who blow themselves to kingdom come before they ever build a functional bomb. Even the first World Trade Center bombers needed the kind assistance of the FBI, remember ? And the second WTC attack?

Right, the miracle man in the cave in Afghanistan. The holy warrior who was so kind to resurrect himself and die twice. Holy Osama, Obama! If that is explanation enough for you to 9/11 you can stop reading here. You are beyond recovery.

These “terrorists” are military units of a size and composition that enables them to fight as independent, self proficient units, including logistics, supply, manpower; able to perform complex military operations without additional military support. In other words, brigades.

One can hardly describe the good and well 20.000 fighters of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who are deployed in Syria and Jordan with basis of operations at the Jordanian city of Al Mafriq as a “terrorist cell” that hides in cellars, as patsies who boil nitrate and diesel fuel to produce a home-made device type of terrorists. You know ? That type the FBI, BND, CIA et al. produce and sponsor with the purpose of taking your civil liberties away.

One can hardly compare Al Qaeda manifestations of brigade size and composition with imbecile shoe or diaper bomber patsies. The “terrorists” in Syria are full-fledged, fully operational   NATO armies and death squads under the coordination of NATO and allied nations Special Operations Forces who, as we know, have been deployed inside Syria before August 2011 already.

This is in deed the true “State Sponsored Terrorism”. Remember that Syria was positioned as one of the main sponsors of terrorism ? And look at whom NATO has unleashed in Syria. Do you also feel that you are being lied to ?

According to a recent analysis by a Palestinian Intelligence source and the author of this fact backed and in deed very opinionated article, the “pro freedom, democracy and human rights alliance of NATO/Zionism and Gulf Crackpot-Dictator Council”   have such humanitarian ambitions as the permanent annexation of the Syrian Golan and Southern Lebanon as well as the Palestinian West Bank by Israel.

It does not matter if the White House Puppet is called Obama or Romney; a civil war and destabilization of Lebanon, Syria and hopefully Iran, drawing Russia into a similar quagmire as the USSR was engaged in in Afghanistan, and which led to the discontinuation of the USSR; alternatively a head on confrontation with Russia and China; that is the overall agenda.

All that is, of course, done with the prospect of bringing freedom, democracy and human rights to hundreds of thousands who will be liberated to death. Now lets add a couple of millions of additional depleted uranium babies on top of that, and there is almost reason to give a Nobel Peace Price to Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Oh envy oh envy Bill – compensate with a cigar ?   But don´t inhale.

I think its high time to cut through all the euphemisms, positioning and scapegoating of diplomacy and propaganda and call a spade for a spade. All that is required to make the war in Syria a war is that the war alliance is honest enough to make it official. A declaration of war by the USA/NATO/Gulf Crackpot-Dictator Council and their Al Qaeda and Muslim Brother Brigades. What are they waiting for ?

Right, there was of course this issue with the National Defense Authorization Act that must somehow be repealed because materially supporting Al Qaeda could result in being arrested and tried by a military tribunal. Too bad for Obama, Clinton, Westerwelle the Cliffhanger, the Al Khalifa´s, the Saud´s and other crackpot dictators.The NDAA must be repealed before a declaration of war and official Al Qaeda alliance is possible.

Speaking of democracy and human rights; imagine the audacity to talk about bringing freedom and democracy and human rights to Syria, when those words come out of the mouth of dictators whose idea of freedom and democracy is compatible with the beheading of women for “sorcery”. What a party they could have at Guantanamo. If they were arrested under the NDAA and were flown to Guantanamo, the Cubans, I am quite sure, would return them in the case that any of them escaped.

But seriously. Brigade sized mercenary forces; led by Special Forces; provided with high-tech weapons; provided with satellite images; If that is that is not war what is war? Right war is the blowing up of newly wed in Waziristan by drones which are flown by CIA´s GameBoy Killers in Langley Virginia.

All we need is in deed a declaration, and there is no reason to play that Arab Spring Charade any longer. Everybody knows that it is war, instigated by war criminals.

That declaration of war should also, if it is honest, be a declaration of war on the people of Europe and Northern America. Governments who wage war on media, who cyber attack targeted nations news agencies, who bomb radio and TV stations like in Belgrade, Tripoli and Damascus, who target uncomfortable journalism, are waging a de facto war on every civil liberty the forefathers of the citizens of Europe and   Northern America have been fighting, bleeding and dying for.

The cyber attack on the Syrian Arab News Agency, the blocking of Syrian TV and Radio signals by Arabsat and Nilesat on behalf of the new colonial administration called Arab League, the bombing of TV stations in Damascus by “terrorists” is in fact an attack on those civil liberties.

If it is not resisted, than this war on truth will leave the doors wide open for a new Auschwitz and this time it is You, not Jew,   who will be exterminated. The author of this article, along with other frequent contributors to any news media that carries it will be a prime target. You will be a secondary target because you committed the crime to read. Was it Benjamin Franklin who once said: “We must all hang in together or we will all hang separately” ?

Is there a way out of this road to tyranny ? If there is one, it will be one that implies a declared war by the people of Syria, Palestine, the E.U., USA and Canada, against those who wage war on all of us – you included. There is a way out, but for it to be effective it requires a couple of supplementary declarations of war. Please notice that a war does not necessarily have to be violent, although it can be and often is so. Emphasis on “not necessarily”.

A declaration of war by Western Peace Movements against any politician who does not actively oppose the undeclared and illegal war would be a good beginning. Did your representative vote for an illegal war or failed to oppose it. Do not vote for him or her again. Not ever again.

A declaration of war by every informed citizen against any member of his government who does not actively oppose the undeclared war against the people of Syria and who does not actively oppose the curtailing of civil liberties, freedom of press, freedom of speech by waging war on media.

A declaration of war by every decent journalist who cares about his profession as the fourth power within democratic systems. A declaration of war by the people against superpower media who bombard the world with fabricated propaganda rather than providing access to truthful information and informed opinion and analysis.

All these praiseworthy initiatives however, would have to remain rather inefficient unless they are sponsored and supported by those nations governments who advocate for a peaceful solution of the undeclared war on Syria and the people of the West. We – the people – urgently need that support because the truth is that money talks and without it, we the people remain silent and without representation.

And while I am talking about money, there is of course one declaration of war that could bring peace within the hour. It would be the government of China, declaring that unless NATO begins to wage peace it will be bye bye US Dollar and Euro.

Can you imagine NATO troops pushing their tanks up the Syrian mountains because the Pentagon can´t afford the gas bill ? Imagine the USA would be forced to actually produce something other than war because their worthless Dollar is not accepted any more.

Imagine NATO troops in a Rommel Desert Corps like armored brigade in Syria, only attacking in downhill battles after their troops have pushed the tanks up the mountain? It´s an entirely new way of looking at the words “downhill battle” that one acquires when one has to wage a war without money. It would be the kind of declaration of war that I could fully endorse. One thing is sure though. I am not waiting for it before I issue my own declaration. I fact I have done so long ago and hope you will do the same.


Dr. Christof Lehmann


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