Suicide attacks killing thousands in Pakistan

More than four thousand people have been killed from routined attacks in Pakistan since July 2007. The attacks  are blamed on the Taliban and Al- Qaida.

The latest of these attacks comes from a young suicide bomber in school uniform who blew himself up at Punjab Regiment Centre Mardan, killing at least 35 security forces and injuring 54 others on Thursday.

According to the report from the Pakistani Paper, at around 8am a young suicide bomber, aged between 16 to 18 years and wearing a school uniform, entered along with other students the PRC Centre from the western side, where Federal Government School, Aziz Bhatti Shaheed College and officers’ mess are  located. The bomber struck recruits who were busy in their morning drill and other exercises. At least 35 cadets were killed and 54 others wounded. However, the school children remained unhurt.

Suicide attacks have killed some four thousand people in Pakistan

Apparently, the bomber cleared the check posts on the way because the security officials took him for a student. The bodies of the victims and those who sustained injuries were carried to Combined Military Hospital, Mardan, but the army helicopter took the seriously injured soldiers to other cities. After the blast, police and district officials rushed to the spot, but security forces officials did not let them enter the training center.

One of the report said that at the time of the blast, the students of FG School and Aziz Bahtti Shaheed College were holding their morning assembly. The bang, which was heard far and wide, terrified the students and teachers and most of them started screaming. Deputy Inspector General Mardan Abdullah Khan said 8 to 9 kg explosive material was used in the attack and legs and other body parts of the bomber were found from the spot.

The attack adds to Pakistan’s woes as  the government is struggling to cope with the wranglings in the cabinet. Pakistani Prime Minister dissolved the cabinet yesterday.  

Relations between Pakistan and the United States have also sunk to a new low since Raymond Allen Davis – a U.S. citizen – shot dead two men on grounds of self-defense in the eastern city of Lahore last month, and was taken into Pakistani custody under investigation for double murder.

Pakistan is under pressure to abolish militant preserves to help US efforts to win the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and defeat al Qa’eda.

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