Western Pathological Liars Hold World To Ransom

The US, British and French governments have engaged in a decade of constant lies and war crimes around the world. The intermittent imperialist adventures of these capitalist powers over the past century have now subsumed…

The Ugly Face of Western Imperialism & the UNCONSCIONABLE Role Played All Along by so-called Western News Media

West War Crimes in Syria Exposed: There was a time during the 30-month covert dirty war on Syria when the Western governments and mainstream media would make a clamor over reported massacres. Now, despicably, these governments and media just ignore such atrocities. Why? Because it is increasingly clear that the groups committing these crimes against thousands of Syrian civilians are the foreign-backed mercenaries, whom the Western media and their governments have tried to lionize as “rebels” fighting for “democratic freedom”.

A Sure Sign of Wrong Direction Egypt Is Now Taking: OIL CASH Kills Democracy

Arab Oil Cash to Kill Democracy in Egypt In order to determine whether the turmoil in Egypt is in the best interests of the mass of ordinary Egyptians, we should use the trusted maxim – follow the money. Within hours of the military’s arrest last week of now-deposed President Mohamed Morsi, the Persian Gulf Arab monarchies were offering their congratulations to defense minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the new interim president, Adli Mansour. With Morsi still under arrest, incommunicado, and his whereabouts as yet unknown, the Persian Gulf oil kingdoms this week have swiftly moved, in the words of the Financial Times, “to prop up” the new rulers of Egypt with USD 12 billion in cash grants, central bank deposits and oil deals. That capital transfusion is seen as critical to bailing out the sinking Egyptian economy and ensuring the viability of the military-led interim administration.

NO Other Country Has Been Threatened by US with Nuclear Armageddon as often as North Korea for MORE Than 60 Years

Western Media Set Up North Korea For War Western so-called news media coverage of the escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula is like watching a cross between a bad James Bond movie and a cheap horror flick about flesh-eating zombies. It would be funny if the danger of war was not so serious and imminent. The disturbing direction of the Western media coverage is to set up North Korea – a poor impoverished country – for an all-out military attack by the world’s nuclear superpower psychopath – the United States. Paradoxically, this danger is being incited by “news” corporations that pompously claim to be free-thinking bastions of independent journalism, when in reality they are nothing more than progenitors of the worst kind of pulp fiction.