US Criminal Propensity Justifies North Korea's Nukes: A Beacon of Rationality and, Incredibly as It May Seem, PEACE

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea stands out. But it is not because the secretive Stalinist regime is a nuclear pariah threatening global security, as the Western corporate media would have us believe. No, North Korea stands out for being a beacon of rationality and, incredible as it may seem, peace. Bear in mind the following features: No other state on earth has endured a trade embargo or a gamut of diplomatic, financial and economic sanctions more than North Korea. For more than 63 years, since the beginning of the Korean War (1950-53), the DPRK has been frozen out of normal relations with other international states because of a trade embargo imposed by Washington. This illegal straightjacket has been tightened several times down through the decades with resolutions and sanctions implemented by the UN Security Council – the latest being instigated last Friday.

KerryBrings Image of Dapper Diplomacy to Ugly Face of Washington Imperialism

Watching American politics is a bit like watching American-style gladiator wrestling on television. Part of you wants to flick on to the next TV channel for something more satisfying, edifying and real, but still you watch the stupefying spectacle with all its bluster and hype. You know it’s contrived, pseudo, hammed-up and downright fake, but ironically because of all these dubious qualities, there is something compelling about the procedures. Can these people be for real?
Take the new US secretary of state John Kerry. He made his first overseas trip this week to various capitals in Europe and the Middle East. Compared with his bullish and vulgar predecessor, Hillary Clinton, the urbane Mr Kerry seems like a breath of fresh air.

Russia Must Beware US Chicanery Over Bahrain, Syria: Mustn't Be Fooled Again

Moscow should be careful not to buy into recent cosmetic efforts by the West to revamp its Persian Gulf client monarchy – and to sell the Bahraini people short for the sake of saving its ally in Syria. As Bahrain marked the second anniversary of its popular uprising on 14 February, the embattled Western-backed monarchy has renewed attempts apparently to seek a negotiated political settlement with various opposition groups to its two-year crisis. However, many analysts both within and outside the Persian Gulf kingdom see the new push for “national dialogue” as nothing more than a cynical political maneuver by the Sunni regime to buy off a popular, mainly Shia, challenge to its unelected rule.

Washington Speaks With Forked Tongue to Iran

Only days after American Vice President Joe Biden made a very public and tantalizing offer of bilateral talks between the US and Iran, there then follows another round of punitive trade sanctions imposed by Washington…

The Colonial Gung-ho French in Another Fatal African Attraction: Another French Military Disaster in Africa Looms? Plus..

With France’s ignominious track record for disastrous military adventures on the African continent – the 1956 Suez Crisis comes most to mind – one would think that the former colonial power would have learned some prudence by now. But alas, no. The French charged into Mali last week with hundreds of troops, fighter jets and attack helicopters in a rash move that casts serious questions of legality and military viability. French state-of-the-art Rafale fighter jets have been bombing at least six towns across the north and central belt of the remote Sahel desert country for five consecutive days and counting.

Arab Slave Traders Supporting Democracy in Syria?:

Recent legal moves by the governments of Ethiopia, Indonesia and the Philippines to protect their nationals working in the Persian Gulf Arab states point to this harrowing fact: the Arab slave trade in foreign workers…

France Loots Africa, Liquidates Dissidents

This weekend African leaders from the continent’s Francophone countries are gathering for a summit in Kinshasa, capital of the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. Topping the guest list is France’s President Francois Hollande. Speaking earlier…