S. Korea & Its ‘Lifelong Master’ US Looked like “POWs of NORTH KOREA” for 3 Days

[Editor’s note: The following article was written in Korean by an unknown writer in South Korea. It was posted originally at http://cafe.daum.net/sisa-1/nu6O/551 on August 28th, 2015. And one of The 4th Media supporters translanted it and then sent it to us. We believe this short translated article may help our global readers to understand the latest war crisis in the world from a somewhat quite different angle which could be much different from those US, Japan and South Korea’s official government positions and their corporate media views.]

According to an inter-Korean joint press release today, North Korea declared it would lift a semi-war state. This is very strange. If North Korea and South Korea were on the brink of war, both sides should necessarily lift the semi-war state.

South Korea and the Unites States had nothing to lift because they were not in a semi-war state at that time. It’d be analyzed as if the two countries were released from the status of “prisoners of war”(POWs) when North Korea lifted the semi-war state.

North Korea had declared a semi-war state, announcing that it would erase the United States of America from the world map. If you scrutinize the joint press release, it contains what North Korea has maintained.

It means that South Korea and America surrendered to North Korea, unable to bear its blackmail and pressure: “Surrender or die?”

During the break of inter-Korean contact, Kim Kwan-jin might have calculated the possibility of American counter-attack and assistance. At that time, however, Americans were far away from the Korean peninsula, afraid of [those “50 some disappeared”] North Korean submarines.

Kim Kwan-jin found himself in despair. All of sudden, President Barrack Obama okayed Park Geun-hye’s visit to China, meaning: “I am no longer your boss. You may do as you like.”

Can there be a possibility of American counter-attack? No.

When prisoners of war are released, they are deprived of the capability of retaliation.

If the United States mounts a counter-attack, it has to calculate the risk of catastrophe. Why? Nobody but North Korean and American leaders might know.

What to do in the future? Park Geun-hye has to execute a 180-degree turn if she wants to survive. She has to set free all political prisoners and lift the Law on National Security.

Normalization of the DPRK-USA and DPRK-Japan relations would be urged. American society will take on big changes. Can such persons as Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush be presidential candidates?

The self-styled socialist Bernie Sanders might be designated as presidential candidate. A breeze will blow on the Korean peninsula. Different kinds of inter-Korean exchanges should be allowed and supported by the governments.

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  1. I can see man wanted or thought they could be a war between USA and one of the Korea? But they showed no sign of that.

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