SOS: Will the world be silent and see America invades Libya like Iraq?

An eminent invasion of another Arab country by America will take place any time from now if the rest of the world does not actively oppose America’s plans. This time around, the destination is Libya in North Africa. Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi is becoming another Sadam Hussein whose head was desperately needed in a platter by the Bush Administration, and Bush got it.

On Monday, March 7, the United States and its NATO allies edged closer to formulating a final plan aimed at arming civilians who have been instigated against Gadhafi’s government. These civilians are now referred to as “rebels” or “opponents” to the Libyan leader. U.S. warplanes or missiles would soon deploy in Libya as Washington quakes with anxiety to remove the man – Col Gadhafi – who has been a thorn in the flesh of successive American administrations as he opposes the Americanization of Libyan oil, making it difficult for America to reach its target in this North African country. And that is why the so-called rebellion originated from Benghazi – the home town of the last puppet – King Idriss who was enthroned with American backing and always danced to the tunes and dictates of America. But this era ended when in 1969 Gadhafi came to power and reversed the tides in Libya-U.S. relations.

Libyan leader Col Gadhafi

In the meantime, in order to apparently get the approval of other nations, America and its NATO allies are working in strong collaboration with major western media organizations to disseminate very sensational information so as to apparently lure other countries which might oppose the plan of an invasion of Libya. A look at CNN, BBC, AP, among others, shows one fact: that America’s invasion of Libya – in the name of military intervention wherein U.S. war planes and missiles will be overtly (deployment appears to already be covertly going on) deployed to the country and Gadhafi’s “opponents” armed to the teeth is the only way to stop the Libyan leader from “ruthless killings” and “perpetration of violence”.

The killings and the humanitarian angles have been given extreme coverage just to deceive the rest of the world and win sympathy for a people who are said to be at the verge of being wiped out by Gadhafi. Obama says NATO was consulting about a wide range of potential options, including potential military options, in response to the violence that continues to take place inside of Libya, an AP report said on Monday.

The Libyan leader is portrayed as a monster, just like Sadam Hussein was in 2003 by America. But will the rest of the world remain silent and see America invades Libya like Iraq in 2003?

Gadhafi and U.S. president Obama: A hand of friendship?

At the moment, America and its NATO allies are bent on seeing Gadhafi out of office. There is nothing to negotiate, so to say. And if the rest of the world remain silent, Gadhafi’s head will be handed in a platter just like was the case with Iraqi leader Sadam Hussein. And Libya will become another battle ground where not only thousands, but millions of people will lost their lives. Alternative media sources say there is nothing that can not be fixed in Libya with Col Gadhafi as president. If foreign intervention is especially to take Gadhafi out of office, then that intervention has ulterior motives. Why should “opponents” to a legitimate regime be armed by foreign countries? And why should a foreign country position itself as an international police to the world as America has done for the past decades – and yet, there appears to be nothing any one can do.

In 2003, it was U.S. president Bush who said with or without the support of the United Nations, America will invade Iraq. And America did – the rest of the world was silent. And so, Iraq was plunged into an almost irreparable mess. The same situation will happen in Libya if the rest of the world does not stand up to say no to America.

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