Sony Hack: NYT Editors Find New Iraq WMD


A Japanese company with some offices in California was hacked. Several terrabytes of data were copied off its internal networks and some of it was put on file sharing sites.

One of the items copied was a film produced in Canada that depicts as comedy the terror act of killing of a current head of state.

The U.S. State Department applauded that movie scene. But there were tons of other data like social security numbers, payroll data, and internal emails stolen all of which that might have been the real target of the hackers.

The tools to hack the company are well known and in the public domain. The company, Sony, had lousy internal network security and had been hacked before.



The hackers probably had some inside knowledge. They used servers in Bolivia, China and South Korea to infiltrate.

There is zero public evidence in the known that the hack was state sponsored.

But the U.S. is claiming that the event is a “national security matter”.

Who’s national security? Japan’s? Canada’s?


A private Japanese entertainment(!) company left the doors open and had some equipment vandalized and some of its private property stolen.

Why, again, is that of U.S. “national interest”? Why would the U.S. even consider some “proportional response“?

The White House is anonymously accusing the state of North Korea of having done the hack. It provides no evidence to support that claim and the government of North Korea denied any involvement.

The FBI and Sony say they have no evidence for such a claim.

Still the New York Times editors eat it all up:

North Korean hackers, seeking revenge for the movie, stole millions of documents, including emails, health records and financial information that they dished out to the world.

How do the editors know that these were “North Korean hackers”? The same way the knew about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction?

Make believe and anonymous claims by U.S. government officials? Yeah – those folks never lie. Right?


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  1. You didn’t mention the threat for violence if the movie was shown in cinemas, which is supposedly the reason the movie was canceled. Is that not also relevant?

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