Son arrest for airport stabbing

PROSECUTORS yesterday approved the arrest of a Shanghai student who stabbed his mother nine times during a dispute at Pudong International Airport.

The suspect, Wang Jiajing, aged 23, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and has limited criminal responsibility, according to the Pudong New Area Prosecutor’s Office yesterday.

But the office believes he is fit to stand trial and should be held responsible for the crime, so approved the arrest, officials said yesterday. Wang was arrested for intentional injury.

“I was annoyed and acted impulsively,” Wang said yesterday. “I thought she was cheating me and playing games with me.”

The attack took place at around 9pm on March 31, after Wang returned on a flight from Tokyo, where he was studying, and was met by his mother, surnamed Gu, at Terminal 2 of the Pudong airport.

The pair argued when Gu told Wang she could no longer afford his fees. Wang produced a knife from his bag and stabbed his mother nine times.

“She supported me for years and then suddenly said no, which made me feel I’d been fooled,” Wang said.

“They say I have mental problems, but I don’t believe I do,” he added.

Wang went to Japan to study when he was 19 but always felt under heavy pressure in Tokyo and was detained by police twice for fighting.

He did not have a part-time job in Japan and his tuition and living expenses were paid for by his mother.

When Gu told Wang she could no longer fund his studies, the pent up anxieties boiled over.

Gu has spent nearly 400,000 yuan (US$61,787.6) per year on Wang’s study abroad.

“Now I know my mother has been borrowing money for me to study in Japan, and I have become the guy who stabbed her,” Wang added. “I couldn’t believe I had done that.”

Gu was seriously injured in the attack, with bleeding in her stomach and liver, according to the office. However, she recovered from her injuries.

“He is a good boy and the relationship between us is good,” Gu told the Oriental Morning Post in April. “I don’t blame him.”

Gu said she would ask the court for leniency and would wait for her son.

The case will be held in August, according to Shanghai television news.

“I really don’t know what to say to my mother,” Wang said. “I’ll listen to her after I get out.”

The family lived in Huangpu District for many years before they moved form there to Zhabei District.

Shanghai Daily

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