Singapore will stand by Iran in IAEA: Singaporean president

TEHRAN – The Singaporean president has said that his country will stand by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the International Atomic Energy Agency and other international organizations.

Sellapan Ramanathan made the remarks during a meeting with Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani in Singapore on Wednesday.

Ramanathan told Larijani, “You have the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. We will stand by you in the IAEA and other international organizations.”

He also said that Singapore is keen to expand its relations with the Islamic Republic and emphasized the need to hold regular talks between Iranian and Singaporean officials in order to explore the potential of the two states.

In addition, Ramanathan commented on the popular uprisings that are taking place in certain Middle Eastern and North African countries, saying the hegemonistic powers are making attempts to hijack the revolutions.

Larijani briefed the Singaporean president on Iran’s nuclear program and the position that certain major powers have adopted toward Iran’s nuclear activities.

He also called for expansion of cooperation between Tehran and Singapore in various areas.

Larijani meets Singaporean PM

Larijani also held a meeting with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday.

The Singaporean officials described Iran as a “great” and “influential” country in the region and expressed satisfaction with relations between the two states.

The Iranian and Singaporean officials also exchanged views on the developments underway in certain Arab countries.

Larijani also met with a number of other senior Singaporean officials

From Tehran Times

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