Shanghai Disneyland to be opened in 2016

The Disneyland park has started its construction in Shanghai, a financial hub of China. The  park which is the first in Mainland China is espected to be openend to the public in 2016.

The Shanghai Disneyland resort project includes the theme park and Storybook Castle, two hotels, one deluxe and one value, a large retail, dining and entertainment venue, consisting of 300,000 square feet, similar to Downtown Disney in Anaheim, Calif., recreational facilities, a 100-acre lake, and Parking and transportation hubs.

It would be the second Disney resort or park in China, one was built in Hong Kong in 2005, but it is the first in mainland China. The mega project will be the fourth international Disney Resort, after Tokyo Disneyland (1983), Disneyland Paris (1992, and opened as Euro Disney Resort), and Hong Kong Disneyland (2005).

Shanghai Disney Resort

South Weekly quoted chief executive of Walt Disney Co, Mr. Robert Iger as saying, “Our Shanghai resort will be a world-class family vacation destination that combines classic Disney characters and storytelling with the uniqueness and beauty of china.” He added that, “Working with our Chinese partners, the Shanghai Disney Resort will be both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.”

The total expected cost for the project  is about 24.5 billion Yuan, but 4.5 billion Yuan will be added to the construction budget to cater for other related projects including the hotels around the park.  

The Disneyland Park is situated in an eastern suburb of Shanghai. The place is a renowned  tourist destination, exposing the historic landscapes of China, as well as Chinese culture and tradition.

The Shanghai government and Walt Disney  are expecting to attract about 7.3 million visitors annually – thus, a huge profit in the tourism sector in China.

Disneyland Park is a theme park, which first opened on July 18, 1955 and changed the whole idea of amusement Parks because of its unique attractions. The Disneyland Park won the title of “the second most visited place in the world” in 2009 when about 15.9 million people visited.

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